Increase your internet speed up to 20%

CA Pallav Singhania (❤ Work Hard Party Harder ❤)   (32532 Points)

05 August 2013  

Increase your internet speed up to 20%

Most of the internet user don't know that Microsoft reserved 20% of your available bandwidtth. They reserve this for their own purpose like Windows update and interrogating your PC etc. Today I will tell you how to increase your internet speed up to 20%.


Step 1: Click START menu then RUN and type "gpedit.msc". Don't use quotes ( " " ). This opens the Local Group Policy Editor.


Step 2: Then go to Local computer policy and open Computer Configuration folder.


Step 3: In Computer Configuration open Administrative Templates and then open Network.


Step 4: Open QoS Packet Scheduler and double click on Limited reservable bandwidtth.


It will say that it is Not Configured, but you will see under Explain tab i.e. By default it reserve 20% of your bandwidtth.


You click on Enabled reservable bandwidtth then set it to ZERO.


This is how you will increase your Internet speed up to 20%.