Incometax assessment order

Do we consider Intimation U/S 143(1) of CPC is as Incometax Assessment Order for submission of proof of Residence in Passport Renewal application?

If not so, what actually be the Incometax Assessment Order, and how to get that. 


1. Notice u/s 143(1) cannot be considered as assessment order and it is merely an intimation sent by the department for any arithmetical error, internal inconsistencies, tax calculation and verification of tax payment. 
2. The reason why it cannot be considered as assessment order is all the above activities or verification is carried out automatically by the computer and it does not have human intervention in it.
3. To respond to the above intimation make sure you log in to your profile and submit your response whether you accept, party accept or reject the claim made in the intimation u/s 143(1).
Please correct me if the above solution has an alternative view. 


Sec 143(1) is a notice by the assesing officer.
sent to the assesse

As far as passport renewal application is concerned, I think passport office will surely accept Intimation u/s 143(1)

1. Proof of residence should be the one which is attested or as exclusively provided by the government department. 
2. In this case, it is only a notice sent to you u/s 143(1) and that too it is an automated notice when there is an error with respect to department record and the return filed by you. 
3. Giving the above notice as a proof of residence will not be the correct evidence as far as my angle is concerned. Proof of residence should be some documentary evidence where some kind of background checks were carried out on your status of residence. Now, whatever that was specified in that notice will be based on your declaration and it is not supported by any valid background verification. Without a check, the IT department may accept your status of residence but that will not be enough for calling the same as proof. 
4. Proof is something which is verified based on facts. This is declared by yourself. You can try submitting it for renewal of your passport application. 
Please correct me if the above interpretation has an alternative view. 



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