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13 August 2014  

Procedure for inspection or obtaining certified copies of Answer Sheet


Dear CA Aspirants,


In my previous article for procedure for revaluation/verification of CA Exam Answer Sheet I promised that in my next article I will share the procedure for inspection of Answer Sheet or how to get certified copies of evaluated answer sheets. So get ready to explore the procedure for inspection of Answer Sheet or how to get certified copies of evaluated answer sheets as fixed by ICAI.


Before that please find below the link for the procedure for inspection of Answer Sheet along with downloadable file for application format for inspection of Answer Sheet:


Procedure for inspection of Answer Sheets




In case a candidate wants to inspect his Answer Sheet or want certified copies of evaluated answer sheets, the option has also been introduced for the benefit of the CA Aspirants. This facility was introduced by ICAI with effect from November 2011 Attempt.


Available options w.r.t. CA Answer Sheets


Five years back on August 09, 2014, Supreme Court of India has delivered a Judgement in favour of CA Students whereby SC allowed students to file application under RTI for Disclosure of their Answer Sheets. After that SC judgement, ICAI launched a process whereby inspection of answer sheet was allowed to students who had filed an RTI.


Last year on August 01, 2013, ICAI laid down the revised formal procedure for filing an application for Inspection of CA exam Answer Sheets of CPT, IPCC and Final. ICAI has permitted 2 rights to students regarding Answer Sheets of CA CPT, IPCC and Final. Please find below the details of such options:


  1. Inspection of Answer Sheet:Inspection of Answer Sheetis now allowed by ICAI after following the prescribed procedure. For this Student will have to go to the Board of Studies Office in Noida and the Answer Sheet would be made available to him. As per ICAI Inspection of Answer Sheets would make available to student within a period of 30 days from the date of receipt of Application for inspection.


  1. Certified Copies of Answer Sheet:In second option a student can demand certified copies of his/her answer sheet by following the prescribed procedure. Under this process ICAI will share the scan copy of answer sheet online. After uploading the answer sheet online an e-mail would be sent to the applicant by ICAI with procedure to download the scan copy of answer sheet. By the use of username and password as provided by ICAI student would be able to download the certified copy of answer sheet.






It is important to follow the procedure prescribed by ICAI for inspection or for obtaining Certified Copies of Answer Sheets.Please find point wise procedure:


  1. An application is required to be submitted by the Students of CA CPT, IPCC or Final for inspection or for obtaining Certified Copies of Answer Sheets. This application is required to be submitted within 30 days of the declaration of CPT,IPCC orCA Final Result along with the fees of Rs. 500 per paper.


Late submission not allowed: Kindly note the provision of submission of application with late fees has been withdrawn by ICAI. So now there is no provision of late fees and applications would not be accepted after 30 days of declaration of result.


Last date for filing revaluation application will be as follows:


S. No.




Fee per papers (Rs.)


Final May 2014


(10:00 Hrs IST)




Intermediate(IPC)/ATE/Units May 2014

To be announced

To be announced



  1. Please download & print the declaration available at the link below on A4 size paper.




Fill up the blank areas (in English if the Medium wasEnglish else in Hindi if the Medium of exam was Hindi), Sign it, Scan as A4 (100DPI, upto 200KB). The signed scanned application which is clearly readable has to be uploaded. The list of papers for which Inspection/Certified Copies will be provided, will be taken from your selection made thru the portal and not from what is written in the scanned image. In case the uploaded scanned image is not conforming to above parameters, the online application for verification will not be considered for any action and NO refund of fees for the same will be considered.


  1. If the candidate appeared for the Exam in Hindi then the details required in the application form must be in Hindi and in case candidate appeared for the Exam in English then the application must be in English. Your application seeking certified copies of answer books should be in your own handwriting and duly signed by you. In case you are applying on-line you will be required to upload scanned copy of your signed handwritten request.

The students can download the application form for inspection of answer sheets from the following link:-






  1. If after receipt of certified copies of evaluated answer books, student noticed that some part of the answers are not evaluated by the examiner or there is a totaling error or marks awarded have not been carried forward to the cover page or such other matters that fall within the scope of verification covered under Regulation 39(4), he may write to the Additional Secretary (Exams) about the same, within 30 days from the date of dispatch of answer sheets.The format of the letter to be written to ICAI in case any discrepancy is noticed in the answer sheets has been uploaded by ICAI on this link –


  1. Mode of submission of application: There are 2 modes of submission of application prescribed by ICAI. The application for inspection / certified copies of evaluated answer sheets can either be made online or physical sent to ICAI at the address mentioned in this article.


One student is entitled to make a single Application only. Hence students are advised to carefully submit their request for inspection of papers as more than one application cannot be made or entertained by ICAI.


  1. Submission of online Application:In case the application is being made online, a signed and scanned copy of the application form would be required to be uploaded on the below mentioned link provided by the ICAI:




Payment Mode:This is the simplest and quickest mode for submission of application through the use of your debit or credit card. You can pay the revaluation fee online through using your Debit or Credit Card. The payment has to be made online thru Master/Visa/Maestro Credit/Debit Card. Please note Net banking is not accepted.


Benefit of Online application:


  1. Submission of application for certified copies/inspection and making payment of fees on-line is more convenient. You also save on the time and money spent on purchasing a draft, as also postage for dispatch. You are also sure that your transaction is successful.
  2. There is no difference in the amount of fees payable, between the two channels. Hence ICAI encourage students to submit applications online, since, it expedites the process.


  1. After the Successful payment you will get a confirmation screen.You may print the same & keep for your record. In case the money gets deducted from your account and you do not get a "Successful" transaction screen, the status of your application will not be considered successful and the same will not be processed by the office. The failed transactions will be credited back to your account within 45 days after the close of inspection/certified copies window. You may check the status of your application at the link below:




Please note that it is mandatory to upload scanned copy of your handwritten request on the portal, failing which you will not be permitted to submit an online request.


  1. Submission of Physical Application: In case you are unable to upload scanned copy of your handwritten request, or not able to login due to any reason, you may send your handwritten request along with the Demand Draft for the applicable fee, by speed post/registered post.


In case of physical application submission, the envelope containing the application shall be superscribed with “Application seeking inspection/certified copies of evaluated Answer Books” along with the name of the exam, i.e. Final or Intermediate(IPCC) as the case may be.In case of physical submission of application, the Fees shall be payable by a Demand Draft be made in favor of – “The Secretary, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India” payable at New Delhi.




The Application for inspection accompanied by applicable fees and a copy of admit card shall be sent by a registered post or speed post and not by a private courier to –


The Additional Secretary (Examination), 

AB Cell, Examination Department, 

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, 

ICAI Bhawan, Indraprastha Marg, 

New Delhi 110002


I would suggest you to note your name and roll number on the back side of the demand draft. Further it is also advisable to maintain copy of the entire application set along with copy of receipt issued by the postal authorities as evidence of having dispatched your application.




ICAI endeavor to provide the certified copies of answer sheets within 30 days from the date of receipt of application at ICAI, complete in all respects.




Regarding request for inspection of answer sheet, it is important to note that:


  1. It is prerogative of ICAI to allow or disallow the inspection of answer sheet by students. ICAI can out rightly reject the application for inspection of answer sheet, if it has reason to believe that application for inspection has been made with a malicious intention to defame ICAI or its valuation system.
  2. As per the instruction of ICAI, Certified Copies so obtained by the students shall not be shared with print or electronic media as the same are made available only for academic purpose.
  3. Further certified Copies so obtained by the students shall not be used to dispute or challenge the quality of valuation system of Answer Sheets in any court of law.
  4. Inspection or certified copies of evaluated answer sheets would be provided to the examinee only and not to any other person.




One of the common problems faced by ICAI is that students got confused between verification of answer sheet and inspection of answer sheet. Accordingly ICAI has announced that inspection of Answer Sheets shall not be mistaken with Verification/ Revaluation of Answer Sheets.


Verification/Revaluation of Answer Sheets is totally a different thing through which it is checked that marks have been awarded to all the questions attempted by the Student and there is no mistake regarding totaling of answer sheet. On the other hand inspection of Answer Sheet is altogether a different concept whereby a student can inspect his answer book for his Academic Guidance.


In case of any discrepancy found during the process of Inspection of answer sheet, student may apply for the Verification of Answer Sheets which is independent and distinct from the Inspection of Answer Sheets. Needless to say that verification and inspection of answer sheet are two different process and separate applications have to be made for both.


Another notable point is that where student has applied for both revaluation as well as inspection of answer sheet, first the revaluation would be done and the answer sheets would be disclosed only on completion of revaluation.




Before providing certified copies/inspection of evaluated answer books to the examinees, verification of answer books, within the scope of Regulation 39(4), will be carried out, by the ICAI office, suomotu (Self on its own), in respect of all applications for inspection and/or certified copy of evaluated answer book(s). In case of this suomotu verification, students need not make a separate application for verification.

However, pursuant to suomotu verification carried out by the ICAI office, upon application for certified copies, marks awarded to the student got revised, student will not get any refund of the fee paid for getting certified copies.


Verification under Regulation 39(4) covers the following aspects:

• Whether any question or part thereof has remained unvalued

• Whether there is any totaling error in any question or total marks on the cover page

• Whether there is any discrepancy between the stepwise marks, total marks for each question indicated on the cover page.




Regarding status of the dispatch of certified copy of answer sheets, you can check the status of your application (whether on-line or physical) at the link below:


https://icaiexam.icai.org .


You can also send an email at the following email IDs, as per the exam:

cpt_exam @ icai.in
intermediate_examhelpline @ icai.in
final_examhelpline @ icai.in
dms_examhelpline @ icai.in (For post qualification courses)


You can also contact on the following telephone numbers:

Help Desk: 0120-3054851/852 /853 /835

CPT : 0120-3054805/ 806

Intermediate : 0120-3894810/ 832

Final : 0120-3054808/ 809




For FAQs on inspection of answer sheets and How to apply Online, Please refer to the link given below:




I sincerely believe that this article would be very useful for students looking for detailed understanding of procedure for inspection / certified copies of their evaluated answer sheets. Kindly share your opinion if you like this write up.





CS AnkurGarg

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