ICAI Introduces New Answer Sheets

Bhav Bhuti Sharma (Towards Professionalism )   (823 Points)

19 April 2011  


ICAI Introduces New Answer Sheets


For the past 6 Decades, The Chartered Accountancy exam have been one of the most toughest exams in the country, and one of the most prestigious too. To ensure that unethical practices are not employed in the Examination hall, ICAI has introduced New Answer Sheets. 


Moreover, it has also been observed that there have been many changes in the Marks of Students which have come to light only after Revaluation. So as to ensure that correct marks are awarded to the Students at the first instance itself, ICAI has started the process of Computerisation wherein both the Roll No. as well as the Marks Awarded to that Roll No. would be read by Machines using OMR. This would ensure greater compliance and lesser errors.


A Specimen Copy of the same has been enclosed for your reference. You are requested to go through the same so that you don’t get puzzled in the same during the exam time.


Highlights of the New Answer Sheets are discussed below:-


1. Bar Code Sticker


A Bar Code Sticker for every paper would be available in the Attendance Sheet, against the Roll No. And Name of the Student. The Student is advised to remove that Sticker from the Answer Sheet and affix it on the Answer Sheet in the Space Provided.




2. Encircling the Roll No.


The Student would be required to ‘Write as well as Encircle’ his Roll No. in the Answer Book. Students are advised to do the same before he begins to start answering the Paper.




3. Total Marks Awarded (For Examiner’s Use Only)


So as to ensure that correct marks are awarded to the Student, the Examiner is advised to “Write as well as Encircle” the Marks awarded to every student. This would ensure that the Answer Sheets are automatically read by Machines and correct marks are awarded for every Roll No.


You are requested to share this piece of Info. with everyone so that Students don’t get confused on seeing the New Sets of Answer Sheets in the Exam Hall.


Please Note: – It is still unclear whether these answer Sheets would be used only for PCC/IPCC/Final or would be uniformly used for everyone. We are still awaiting official guidelines from ICAI.

New Answer Sheet 869x1024 ICAI Introduces New Answer Sheets