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I will fail this time, but......

krishna kumar (CA Final) (407 Points)

10 January 2011  

i am eagerly waiting for the CA final results.  I am damn sure that,  i will not qualify this time.  the same i know at the time of writing exam itself.  


even then,   my inner mind developing hope for a distant probability.   

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CA Priya (CS Final) (1048 Points)
Replied 10 January 2011

Nothing is damn sure w.r.to CA results............. So keep that hope of Distant probability alive.......... Lets see.............. Me also waiting for the results.............. So.......... All the best for both of us.................

krishna kumar (CA Final) (407 Points)
Replied 10 January 2011

thanks priya.  may your words be true.

Manish Dokwal (STUDENT) (59 Points)
Replied 10 January 2011

Believe in God.....All will be Well....Just wait for results....!!

CA-CWA RAVI (CA-CWA in industry) (5454 Points)
Replied 10 January 2011

my state of mind is exactly as same as u dear krishna 

actualy i cant sit for study except i could see FAIL in against my roll number

but u knw we will get what we will deserve

God is there who watches everthing and tries to helps us BIG  through a small word called "LUCK"


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Nupur Verma (CA Final student & Article trainee)   (41 Points)
Replied 10 January 2011

Feeling same....

Any of u startd studyng........???

ca cs shriyans jain (AUDIT MANAGER C.A C.S)   (7168 Points)
Replied 10 January 2011

Me to feeling the same as u guys are. I don't know what would happen on 21st jan. Whether pass or fail?

Rohit Sarda (CA Student) (82 Points)
Replied 10 January 2011

Don't worry krishna if u have given your best u wl definitely pass. God "ICAI" give their certificate's to the eligible person's if u'r good, dedicated & honest as far as your studies is concern that he will get you through......

krishna kumar (CA Final) (407 Points)
Replied 10 January 2011

hi nupur & ravi,  you have understood the situation i was in.   i can not start studying till the result is declared. 

RIDHI (JOB) (413 Points)
Replied 10 January 2011

i cant even study till result..

the chances are bleak.. but remb na watever will happen will happen for best...

CA Sharmi Goel (Assistant Professor) (118 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011

i m  just mentally preparing myself ......i m just making sure dat my will power is strong enough to face ny situation that comes along...The desire that one day i will be a CA should never leave me...

Pandiri Ramu (Business Analyst) (613 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011

I am also part of this and i leave the results to god. I hope everything will be fine.





CS Ambrish (Comp-Secretary) (175 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011

ca results are always unpredictable ...jus don wry abt anything be in a positive frame of mind ...ve lesser expectations ...fear less and no regrets


Never discuss your success nor worry about your failure cos both will affect ur next step. Just believe in yourself. Hardly 10 days are there. IF u are able to study, then study whatever u can till results come. Else, if u want results to decide your next step, then, do something which u like or something u feel is going to help u in future for the next 10 days. I am playing cricket and badminton continously for the past few weeks(something i have completely missed during past 3.5yrs due to CA Articleship) to take my mind away from this results tensions

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Manmohan ACA, CS (Chartered Accountant ) (14243 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011

Just try to divert  your mind to other things it  may be an interview (just experience an interview) or for a   tour  (preferably a holy place ) or tour to your relative house or just join some short  term course , any thing ...................worrying about your exam result will invite more worries and tension and guess what tension increases at a speed faster then light , juts chill 

even the person who will get first rank in CA final exam is also tensed ............so It  is not only you ..... Just try to divert your mind  !! be happy , read jokes, poem .... any thing !! I know you will say it is easy to post such a crap in forum  but hard to do  !!  ......exactly but  atleast one can try . Any way 



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