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I need an answer

@AKASH GARG (#learning to excel#)     23 May 2019

#learning to excel# 
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I have discussed it before and this time in detail.

I have been in depression for years.
Now when I faced the harsh reality check along with harsh reality of Corporate Life with all sort of toxic environment at workplace and at home as well.

I am taking medicines and also working on my physical fitness and has made my mind to go for group 2 and then grp 1 in next attempt.

I am 29. I just want to know my english is not so well considering keywords and vocabulary and not my native language.
I do not have any computer skill and general information.
I am not much aware about technical aspects related to security and other common day to day commercial activities like paytm uses, online banking etc.
No experience of my field.
Nor do I know about area to get expertise.

I have no courage to go for Corporate job again..

Personally I don't know many such things.

All I have a willingness to know and then learn about many things related to profession and an occupation that can give me a good remaining life.

I had dreams. But now everything appears to be so far and all I will have will be just a degree which I will earn due to my intelligence but not as passion.

For practice I have a friend but no other idea regarding anything other than this.

I need a friendly advice.
I won't get married...I know...but at least I will have something called happiness if anyone would guide me well.

After CA I want to move to Bangalore but I will just have a degree in my hand and experience of some copy paste job in a BPO.

Also a gap till I become a CA.

I am literally crying now.

I came a long way and still fighting.

Please help as much as possible.

Back in the Game (a)     24 May 2019

Back in the Game
 161 likes  1263 points

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Dude you are not the only one in this world,so stop self pitying.There are many who have gone through like you have done.Its true the toxic environment exists but trust me ,God has kept something in store for each of us.You will get what you deserve.Do whats in ur ability and control to tackle the problems in life and rest leave it to God.Develop an attitude of accepting things,don expect .just have a perception that you will put in your efforts and what ever u get is urs. Don over think and think too far,just take one aim at a time. Make sure you excercise now for your depression and study for ur exams.Give the exams find a job tat can self sustain you based on your need. Take one step at time don look at the big staircae and be lost...just one step at a time.

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Vishesh Surana   24 May 2019

Vishesh Surana

 358 likes  5638 points

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please feel motivated and watch Sandeep maheswari videos from introvert, shy person to great motivational


Uma Maheswari (Student)     24 May 2019

Uma Maheswari
 23 points

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If u want your life will be happy then u leave ur depression right now and start to think in new way. u forget about your age, past experiences, fear etc .,.that will bring u back. u know your capability and u only do what u don't expect anything from anybody. u motivate yourself. if you work/think smart not hard , one fine day u r happiness is in your hands.


Vishesh Surana   24 May 2019

Vishesh Surana

 358 likes  5638 points

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yes there are many stories of legends who succeeded in their age.such as kfc


@AKASH GARG (#learning to excel#)     24 May 2019

#learning to excel# 
 23 likes  575 points

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Dear all at least guide me to know on the areas I lack. I have came out of depression and has motivated many others during the phase. I think you guys have made some misconception and it's natural. I am preparing for my exams group by group but after a year all that I will have in my hand will be a degree. No exposure in taxation and finance and other areas. I want some good guidance if I want to switch to Bangalore due to good and amiable weather/environment which I believe is a need for me along with some adequate work culture unlike big firms and companies who are just making work life balance a dream and no room for other personal desires. I hope I conveyed myself well. Its my second innings of life. Matters a lot.


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