I have taken my decision which is this

Nehas (Al) (425 Points)

22 November 2010  


I am here to write down my final decision.

I will tell my principle to give me termination by mutual consent.

I will get signed by him form no. 120 i.e

"Form for request by the Articled Assistant to his Principal for issuance of Service Certificate in event of termination of articles."

I will drop CA course for 2 months and after that i will re-register my self with another principle.

But i have a doubt that can i register my self again within same city or 50 kms away from city.

Also that will i get credit for my articleship done i.e of two years.

Also that for termination we have to give reason of medical or transfer of parents as in case of  transfer of articles.

Please if anyone can suggest me for the above queries.

But if my principle does'nt gets ready to give me termination than i will write down to ICAI about the problems I have faced during 2 years of my articleships.

Thank you all here for helping me so much

God Bless You All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!