I am in love

Komal Thakur (CA Final) (925 Points)

06 April 2013  

                                       I Am In LheartVE

I Fall In Love Today with someone.

Yes "I" have fallen in love ,,, with a person who is so into me....

with the one who has stood by myside throughout my life journey & i Know will always be there for me , no matter what happens.

That "ONE" is my support, my strength when I am weak, My motivator when I get shattered, My source of inspiration when I need..

That person has always tought me how to live perfectly. Whenever I was hurt , That one person was with me ,to wipe away my tears & boost me upto start it all again...

That Person was always there to share my happiness with me. whenever I wasn't able to talk to any one, I spoke to that "One" only...

That person treats me like a Princess. Never lets me feel alone... Pampers me the most... tries to tha hardest to get me what I want everytime..

Sometimes I can't find the solutions ,, at that time, That is the only person who asks everyone to help me out...

Takes me out , when I really need some change.

In short that person knows every bit of me....

and I am so in love with that person...



And That person is none other Than "ME"


Yeah !! I love myself....

Reason being: I realised it just now ..

Whenever we want someone to be with us, to help us, to share our emotions,, May be that particular person can't make his/her self available at that moment.

may be he/she really wants to listen to you, But at that particular time can'tt be there for you (Being a person , a soul different than u)

Or it may be u can't find a suitable person to share that thing


at that time it's only YOU FOR YOURSELF

You can be alone , But never feel lonely, If you realise the worth  Of your Own self.


You can dance when you are happy, Go out when you need a change, cry when it really breaks you down

To motivate , to inspire your slf, to give yourself a direction Is Entirely within your hands..

Its all your willingness to BE YOURSELF.


LIFE is  a mix of emotions. No emotion is permanent. so whatever happens , Let it be!! Never be dependent for anything on anyone.. As it's your life And nobody else's.

No one is going to be there for you for every single second till your life ends.

So it's only You who can change /maintain the way you are..

help Yourself Grow up Everyday.

Respect yourself.. LOVE youself





P.S. - I LOVE MYSELF.... !!heartsmiley