How would you define member of Section 8 company and their purpose?

:) Nitin (Beginner Consultant) (5 Points)

22 July 2021  

Most of the associations and chambers registered under section 8 invite professional or general public to become members by charging a fixed fees in such case my questions are -

  1. Do such members act as shareholders of the company?
  2. Do such members have legal obligations with MCA in future?
  3. Do such members can vote for directors elections?
  4. Can such members choose or vote for a leader (to act as catalyst or to be included in committee of association) from themselves?
  5. Do such members can be obstacle while amalgamation with another section 8 or merging into another entity?
  6. Can company directly cancel membership of such members in case of dispute or breach of regulations?

Please enlighten.

Warm Regards,