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CA Ruben Balooni (Professionalism ™) (1324 Points)
Replied 11 May 2010

Originally posted by : sarvesh
Sales: 3000000
GP: 3000000*25%=750000
COGS: 3000000-750000=2250000
FA: 1500000
NW: 1250000
ESC: 781250
Reserves: 468750
Fixed charge bearing capital/Net worth=0.5
Fixed Charge Bearing Capital (Debt or PSC): 625000
Assuming no bank overdraft: (CA-Stock)/CL=1
Other CA= 1125000-500000-375000=250000
Eq. Sh. Capital                       781250   Fixed Assets         1500000
Reservers                               468750  Stock                        375000
Debt/PSC                                625000   Debtors                 500000
CL                                           750000  other CA                 250000


CA Ruben Balooni (Professionalism ™) (1324 Points)
Replied 11 May 2010

Originally posted by : karan joshi


please check the answer of the contract sum escalation point....

I m uploading the excel file..!!

comment if right or wrong..!!!

reply sooonnnn...!!!

i want to knw how come some answers on d thread r different...plz give the calculations...

m attaching same file of yours with a new sheet named solution by G9!


u did mistake in taking quantity (actual or standard whichever is less) ..


we have to always calculate escalation claim on the basis of variance in actual and standard price. quantiy variance has no role in it.

Attached File : 19 9 book1.xls downloaded: 117 times

anshul bafna (student) (522 Points)
Replied 11 May 2010




BY: www.anshulbafna.blogspot.com

ireddy doddamani balappa ibrah (Audit Manager) (31 Points)
Replied 11 May 2010

Paper will be too lenthy those having analytiacl skill they will answer properly

bharat (aaccounts) (25 Points)
Replied 11 May 2010

paper was very easy ya but very lenghthy answer of marginal costing  is that p/v ratio is equal to diiff in profit /diff in sale *100 = 16%

if p/v ratio is 16 than 84% is v.cost of sale 3200000*84%= 2688000

3200000-2688000=512000 is contribution

ther is loss in first year  300000 so thats y fixed cost 812000

and sale to earn 1200000 = 812000+1200000/16%= 12575000


Some where it is mentioned by some club friend Mr Rohit that Costing / FM papr was leaked, Pls dont discount him, He means sense as even among few friends here in Mumbai aslo the had got few things of the paper on 9th May Evening,


ICAI is just doing this strict ness in results & other rules towards students to show its a very strong & respectable body in field of Education as it has started loosing its Image since UPA regime. Papers every time are with some or the other mistakes. Papers get leaked, & height of Blunder this time is in Hindi version of IPCC Costing / FM paper asking to answer only 5 Ques & same paper English version all ques to be answered. ICAI needs a very big overhaul. & also they to maintain their credibility, Rules & Changes which The institue is doing for the studies & systems for the students since last 1 - 1.5 years is just actions of frustrations & not productive / constuctive steps for betterment of the students or members as the ICAI feels but rather it is making a negative impact on the reput of the Institute. In the same situation icai is spoiling its Image & over a period of time to come inflow of students will get diverted to some other course.

Members of ICAI & Students friends your sincere comments are welcome on if my thinking is right or I am wrong, I will accept what majority says 

Replied 11 May 2010

capital budgetin was to lenthy but easy

it took 40 min for cpaital bugeting

i missed 25 marks

if i would have given up capital budgeting sum

i wud have missed only 9 marks


CA Ruben Balooni (Professionalism ™) (1324 Points)
Replied 11 May 2010

^ yep.. i left IRR


no the answer of PV ratio's ques was

PV- 40%

Sale - 110 lacs

fixed cost - 32 lacs

its the rigth one

Aniruddha Bhide (-) (27 Points)
Replied 11 May 2010


Anyone tell me how much marks will i get in this paper.


Q2.material variances are correct but not verified.

Q3a.Process-I ac is correct.Process-II ac is bit correct

Q3b.Only answer i.e. (SalesTot passenger km) not calcul;ated..rest done.

Q6.b/s is correct...w/c requirement went wrong.

Q7b.only dividend figure went wrong and due to it balances went wrong.rest sales, purchases,wags,exp,tax and other figures are correct.

CA Ruben Balooni (Professionalism ™) (1324 Points)
Replied 11 May 2010

Originally posted by : Jazz!!!

no the answer of PV ratio's ques was

PV- 40%

Sale - 110 lacs

fixed cost - 32 lacs

its the rigth one


p/v ratio = 40%

fixed cost = 1580000

sales = 6950000

charmi shah (nagpur) (21 Points)
Replied 12 May 2010

plzz can anyone upload the cost and fm paper???

Whizkid (student) (640 Points)
Replied 13 May 2010

whn ll de suggested ans of may 10 attempt be published in web..!? results ke baad hi kya...!?

kapil ((@ FINAL) (119 Points)
Replied 15 May 2010

hey man, marginal costing was really a cakewalk.

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