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How was Law Paper (CA Final) ?????

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Gagandeep kaur (Student) (51 Points)
Replied 09 May 2011

The answer of the FEMA Ques is "Person not residing in India".

chintan (practising CA) (229 Points)
Replied 09 May 2011

member can inspect books only if authorised by articles.

as per co. act, not allowed- it is based on sec 209A, not 209.

Mr.PROI is PROI,because PRI is 182days during the year, & not previous year. i think so.!

Anirudh (Student/Articled Trainee)   (45 Points)
Replied 09 May 2011

what is d possible punishment for quoting a wrong section, but d subject matter is correct ?

sanjay j domadia (proprietor) (50 Points)
Replied 09 May 2011

can some one download yesterdays law paper of final ca new course?

abhijeet baheti (articles) (24 Points)
Replied 09 May 2011

it was good. questions were easy

Gaurav (CA Final) (44 Points)
Replied 09 May 2011

read the question properly guys..... the question stated that.. mr bhattacharya " resided in india " before going out of india it clearly suggests that he was resident in india in P.Y 2009-10.... so no need for such assumption...

he was resident in India

CA Rajat Jain (CA) (1677 Points)
Replied 09 May 2011

paper was gud

Max Payne (employed) (2569 Points)
Replied 09 May 2011

ICAI wont give marks for out of syllabus...

Whatever they say is not required to be studied in depth, please study.

Previous examples for ICAI's asking "denotified syllabus" - AS 30 and AAS.


But yes, the weightage was a little higher for liquidation and restructuring, and for Directors the weightage was lesser than expected.... 


Regarding inspection, the shareholder has no statutory right, it must be conferred by AoA. Board may decide the conditions and regulations subject to which the books can be inspected by members.

pooja (ca final) (174 Points)
Replied 09 May 2011

Originally posted by : Mayank Ahuja

@ Arvind

Mr.Bhattacharya is PROI...

& in Ques.2..Its not 372A its frm Sec.293 i Think...

pooja (ca final) (174 Points)
Replied 09 May 2011

Originally posted by : Mayank
16 marks out of course. ICAI notified in Feb that it will ask on winding up only covered in module 9.4 topic but it asked from other. What institute trying to do. It should give full marks in those questions

Premlata Jain (Auditing) (192 Points)
Replied 12 May 2011

according to me he wud be PROI as his stay in India was less than 183 days in PY 2010-11. Stay in India during FY 2011-12 is not relevant for deciding residential status for FY 2011-12

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