How to turn convert scanned document into microsoft word doc

satish kumar voleti (A.C.A., (ICWAI)) (1686 Points)

19 February 2012  

1.Scan the page you want to convert into a Microsoft Word document.

2.Save the scanned image in *.gif, *.jpeg or whatever format.

3.Open that image, go to “File->Save As” and name it “xyz.tiff” in the “TIFF” format as shown.

4.Go to “Start->Programs->Microsoft Office Tools->Microsoft Office Document Imaging”

5.Go to “File->Open” and open your scanned document that has been saved in *.TIFF format.

6.Go to “Tools->Send Text to Word.”

You will get a prompt stating this process will take time, Click OK. This will take some time depending on your computer’s speed (a minute or two at the most).

7.When it’s done it will open up Microsoft word on its own and the scanned document will now be in editable mode

8. copy contents to ms word word file and use it

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Mr. Mahaveer Dhelariya

i tried its working .....

thanks for mr mahaveer dhelariya