How to reset laptop windows 10 | How to reset computer windows 10

Babita Jain (Personal Assistant) (235 Points)

24 May 2021  

These steps are for Laptop and Computer also. Before do this action must take backup of your all files. Ask any IT expert if required.

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Follow these steps instructions.

- On Windows 10 Screen

- Click the Start Menu and select the gear icon in the lower left to open up the Settings window.

- Click Update & Security to continue.

- Choose Recovery Options

- Select Get started under Reset this PC.

- At this point, you have two options. You can either choose to keep your personal files or choose wipe everything and start from scratch.

- Once you decide what should be removed from the computer, hit Next and Windows will tell you what will be deleted before you make a final decision.

- Finally, click RESET button to actually commit. Your computer will restart, and after several minutes.

- Done