How to refresh yourself during busy exam schedule

hemant (job) (468 Points)

18 April 2011  

Taking breck is the best way to refreash yourself. if you are studying continuously for

long hours, try to take breack after every 3-4 hours. or your body will be stiff,

maycause backche sometime. wash your face with cool water and specailly put water

on the back of your neck. after wiping the water take small walk, if possible eat light

snacks. strech yourself in arch front, back and both sideways. then again return to

your study. and daily keep some time for entertainment. it doesn't mean go for party,

but have some light physivcal exercise and relax yourself with soothing music or

comedy programme/movies in tv.


  • According to Dr Ann McCraken, Chairperson-International Stress Management Association, it is very important to keep both body and mind ‘Exam Ready’ during exam time. “When the mind is refreshed and the body is fit, concentration levels go up. Keep in mind that, contrary to common belief, stress could very well be an outcome of poor physical, mental or emotional health. Some symptoms to identify stress are: change in behaviour (from engaged to withdrawn, from bright and cheerful to being indifferent), anxiety, the inability to concentrate, memory lapses, worry, feeling irritable, weight loss/gain, frequent colds and infections...”
  • Here are some stress busters Dr McCraken suggests that will help you cope through the rough and tumble of exam pressure…
  • Clear the mind: Relax the mind by taking three deep abdominal breaths.
  • Positive approach: Tell yourself that you can do it! Always have a positive outlook.
  • Good regular sleep: At any time of your life cycle, you should ideally have 6- 8 hours of sleep on an average.
  • Power naps: Power naps of 10 minutes started with deep breathing help in clearing the mind and allowing it to take a break.
  • Eat right: Take small meals (a balanced diet) often, rather than one large meal, and do try not to eat any junk food. Time your meals right.