How to prepare study schedule / time table

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04 February 2013  

Hey Friends,


Three months to go for exams n I hope all of you must have started with studies & other must be waiting for tomorrow to start. 



When it comes to studing then one must define & prepare a Study Time Table so that you can measure how much of syllabus you have to study, how much time it will take to complete whole syallabus?





Is there any possibilities of revision? How much time it will take me to complete study of one subject?



And once you have made plan then next Important thing is to review your performance.



It is really very helpful to review your performance on daily basis, even i will suggest to do it 3 times a day!! Morning, Noon & Night..



So review makes you realise that you are ahead of target or behind or way behind... So you know when to speed up & make your adrenalin work..



So if you are on your target then godd news & if you are not then buck up..


I have prepared an Excel file that will help you to answer all above Questions & will keep you on Track. You can ownload this file form link given below.



I have mentioned some numbers, you can edit as per your study materials. You have to fill following things:


- No. of chapters per subject against each subjects,

- Unders 1st Reading mention n an average time you take to complete reading of a chapter.

- Similarly time you will be taken for 2nd & 3rd reading can be mentioned in column C & D.

- Col. F mentions total hrs. you will be spending for one chapter.

- Col. G gives you total hrs. you will be taking to complete reading of each subjects.

- Col. H gives you an Average days you will be taking to complete study of a subject.


On the basis of avg. time you giving daily (you need to fill in cell G16), cell G17 will give you total days you will be needed to complete your studies.


You can mention your Start Date & End date as a day of exam you will get total days in hand. So here you will be able to do self assessment of total timelines.


In daily schedule sheet you may give hourly time spent chapter wise. This sheet you have to update on daily  basis, this will give you your actual performance in Summary Sheet



 Hope this will help you. File is self explanatory & if you have doubt n Suggestions do share. 



All the best for your exams.


Thanks !!