How to improve your Memory

Keval Shah (CA-Final) (306 Points)

30 July 2010  



How to improve your Memory


My Dear Friends

As a CA students what is our aim? To qualify and become member of Institute. No doubt each of us has the ability to become the member of the institute. Do you know god had given you all the talent and skills? So, it is the right time to utilize the time those inborn skills and talent.

How to improve your Memory?

Memory can be improved through constant practice. We will focus on such practice here. Registering information in to your brain effectively is an important.

1. Concentration (Full focus of brain)

This is a very critical factor for every student. Try to give maximum concentration at the time of studies.

If you have good concentration level, you can grasp the content easily. If you have power concentration level then what you had learned will be lost.

Did you know interest and concentration is mutually related? If you have interest in particular area then you will concentrate more and vice versa. Interest in turn depends on your goal. If you firmly decided to become CA and the difficulty level of CA course then you will be interested.

Do yoga it will improve your concentration level. Remember words of sree sankara (Uthisttatho Jagratha) be cautious and always cautious.

Burning Desire>>Interest>>concentration

2. Understanding the underlying concept

Every subject is based on certain concept; you may not understand the concept in the first reading perhaps.

But if you look closer then you will understand the fact and figures of the concepts.

If you are new to the course, it may be finding difficult to understand the concept of subject. But only solution is to devote more time, repeat until you get the concept.

View a particular concept with the help of example. Examples are the easiest way for feeding the concepts in to your brain. But in all the cases there need not have examples.

3. Notes

Keep each note book for each subject. Note down the concepts and important point which leads to the main point also need to be documented in the note book. (Inter linked with point no 2 above).

Try to write the concept in your language rather than copy and paste. But for writing the point in your way you must perfectly know the concepts.


4. Revision (First revision after 7day and second revision within 30 day)

Give more important to revision aspect. Once you had learned a particular topic, within that week go for a quick revision with the help of above notes.

Notes are good tool for quick revision provided if you had carefully prepared.

The second revision need to be done in the same month.

5.Mnemonic code ( Assigning codes)

If you need to remember many points at a time, then codification is an effective tool.

For example the code G C A in AS 1 Disclosure of Accounting policy (Great Chartered Accountant).

G: - Going Concern

C: - Consistency

A: - Accrual