31 January 2009  




We have recently seen two hot days of results i.e. 16th Jan 2009 for CA CPT and Final and now on 29th Jan PCC-P-II results. See that these are professional examination and failure of desired results for majority of students is inevitable i.e. lot of students despite of their best efforts failed to get the clearance.
See here those who got cleared, get their path but for others the days ahead are crucial. They have to face lot of undesired situations, sentimental breakdowns etc. in the forthcoming days.
See here, the professional examination the situation is “war like situation” and normally the students were judged from the percentage of results and sometimes it gives very absurd indications when the calculation is based on normal computation of percentage. See here if 20 students out of the 100 get cleared then the results are 20% and see the simple calculation every 1 out of 5 get clearance but the situation is not the same if we see the factual situations. Here instead of going in theory we are practical and now see out of these 20 the 5 were the students who had to get the “Pass” in any condition they every 100 (as per law of average) have such Top 5 and for practical calculation those top 5 should not be considered in calculation because they are the brilliant students and the real competition is between rest of 95 out of which only 15 get the clearance and see this practical side of the calculation the results are now looking too tough for the rest of the students and 80 unsuccessful students are from 95 is the really make the competition more stiff. Today I am addressing these 80 Students.
Why I am speaking to those students? The answer is very simple, see you’re this months “top Ranker at CA club” and “tax writer and columnist of all the Top tax journals of the country” ((i.e. my self- ca sudhir Halakhandi), was also from this category and the period was 25 years back. I got cleared in 3rd attempt in CA- Intermediate and in second attempt in CA Final. The situation was the same and believe me I am closely watching the “Articles assistants” under me and further My son is also doing the CA course hence please don’t take this article as “Pravchan” but it is real strategic analysis for you because I have faced the same situation.
I have mentioned that the situation is “war liked” hence we have to make war like strategy also. Hence take the tips, follow the same and certainly you will be benefited.

1. One week after the results will be crucial and it can break you. So be careful. Your Mummy , papa, brother and/or sister have lot of expectations from you, they helped you a lot, you got free from household chorus during your preparations and there will be some brickbats” Now , so face them with right spirit . They are your real well-wishers and further, if they are not from the professional community then situation for you is little stiff because they don’t understand that this is the result of number game.    
2. Everybody have friends , since you are an article assistant in a company also , you have some CA- students friends also and one or two from them got positive results and they will call you for party also. Keep cool!!!!!!!! This is a natural situation, attend it but you may face some sympathetic eyes also!!!! Face it; it is all part of the life!!! What can be done!!!!! If you left it and go home, take Books and start study but it will not solve your problem. First get normal!!!! Give yourself a belief that it is not your failure but this time it is turn of your friend and you have the next chance.
3. Attend your office from next day itself!!!! Get your work with same or more seriousness!! Otherwise where you can go!!!! At home then you will develop a habit of “sleeping in day” or face some unusual sympathetic situation or may be an ugly situation. See here our mission is “to recover” and at present it is the work that can save you from worst situation.
4. In all these seven days, please don’t touch the Books, already you have read a lot and these 7 days will not make any difference. Here we are preparing ourselves for next examination.
5. For God sack please don’t make hurried enquires about Coaching centers. Here see my views are against all type of coaching but please see these are my personal views to which my own son is not agree. Coaching may help too some extent but see you have already prepared yourself for one chance and now what is left to be coached to you !!!! You are well prepared, you have the mind (otherwise you might have been rejected in CPT!!!!!) and remember that you are not a failure but you are a casualty of Number or average game. But the total picture is not the same see here If you are going for the examination (You have already) then you are well prepared then why not got cleared?? The reason is very simple you have not performed well at the time of delivery!! In our system you are judged by what you have written and not by what you know? You still have lot of time and you can decide on this subject later.
6. Now these seven days are over. Everybody forget the past!!! Now for you the situation is normal. Even in worst case of accident, the people get the normal life after sometime!!! It is only an examination!! But remember you have to clear it now otherwise what is the option. CA is a noble profession and please don’t think “If not CA then MBA”. You choose it and who told you other courses are easy! So if you choose CA then it is your duty to complete it.
7. Now Get set ready!!! Your real time has come and what is written below , follow it and certainly you will get the desired:-
1. Get up at 6.00 AM have some exercise and be at your study table at 6.30 (Not at seven because half an hour is also important.). You have 3 hours for study and remember you have already done and now it is time for revision and not very difficult.
2. At 10 AM you are at office and do your work and free at 5 PM. Straightforward go home. No sports????? No certainly not!!! Only this is the schedule for 3 Months!! and 3 months Good bye is not very important and please remember You are on a mission. In my days we played matches on Sundays (after my failure in first attempt) and whole the Sunday was consumed!! But in your cases matches are 20-20 and also remember you are playing for enjoyment “kyo ki ab app Indian team mai to aa nahi sakte aur jo India team mai hai unke liye appne khatra banane kee koshish kee to appka mission CA khatre mai pad jaega”. One more thing – Please forget that you need a leave at this juncture from office because going office and doing work is a big boost to “Time management” for studies. See if you are 24 hours at home then how much you can study!!! 24 Hours!!! Forget it!!! You need only 8 Hours!!!
3. You are at Home 5.30 and at your study table at 6.00 PM and study time is 6 to 11 – 5 hours and only 15 Minutes break for Dinner . 15 Minutes are sufficient?? Yes please believe me? What about “early to bed and early……. Remember you are at war and please forget these “theories” for three months. Keep you Mobile switch off!! Turn off the FM!!!! Keep cool!! It is only 3 Months and 3 Months in a life are not too Much but for you these 3 Months are Life.
4. You have 8 hours study a day from day one now without break!!! And it is enough. If a student need more than 8 hours then believe me he has some problem of understanding!!!! And you are not out of them. And please start writing the answers habit and believe me this is your big backdrop and also the cause of unwanted failure. Any way So sleep well!!!
5. Take a break on Sundays!!! Meet friends, go movies at hall!!!! Play 20-20. See here one day break in 7 days will not make any difference. Go to sleep early because hectic 6 days are waiting for you!!!!! Ya one more thing please discuss some crucial points of study with your friends on Sunday also!!!
6. Keep the tempo for next three months!!! And this time examination will be in June hence you have one more Golden Month!!! So go “All out” in last month.
7. Here see the difference is only of 10 or hardly 20 Marks!!! Which you have to cross and believe me you will through a party at next result but don’t forget your friend in that party who is standing at the corner and please give him a “Big Hug” and also my tips. See it is not the question of success or failure!!! It is only number game and game of determination, self confidence and Time management!!!!
8. I have tested these in my own life and got out of the dilemma of attempts and one of my “article assistant” at one time who got Rank told me “Sir ab mai bhee appke jaisa banane kee koshish karunga” and but I didn’t tell him to shock him “ Mai tumahare jaisa Nahi tha!!!” Believe me we the “Average students” have also right to become CA” and most of the successful professional are from our category. So please do it and we are waiting for your entry in this noble profession.

 Please give your feed back to make this article more useful!!!!!- ca sudhir halakhandi