The Harshit Aggarwal (B.Com(H) ,CS Final) (5278 Points)

19 September 2009  

Many times students fail to score well, not because they do not know the answers to the questions asked, but because they are unable to complete the paper in the given time. Here are tips to ensure that you complete the paper in the stipulated time and pass with flying colors.

1. Start writing from the get-go
Often, when a paper begins, before you start writing you may be tempted to look around and note people’s expressions or look through the whole paper and evaluate what you know and what you don’t. But do not give in to these temptations. Start writing the paper from the minute you get it. You must understand that each minute saved is a minute earned in the examination hall.

2. Do not waste time pondering over answers
Write what you know and leave what you don’t for the time being. Once you have finished writing the answers for all the questions you know, revisit the questions you have left and try to answer as many as you can.

3. Do speed training with sample papers before exams
Speed training is extremely essential these days, keeping in mind the complexity of question papers. Practice finishing papers 15 minutes before the stipulated time, keeping 15 minutes for revision. But remember to do these practice sessions rather seriously, without any breaks in between or without any help from your textbooks. Apart from time training, this will also help you in knowing how prepared you are for the exams. Solve at least five practice sample papers for each subject and you are bound to get a hang of completing papers on time.

4. Make no-breaks a rule
You must discipline yourself in such a way that you don’t need to take breaks, because every minute counts. Carry a water bottle so that you don’t have to step out to drink water. Avoid rest room breaks and definitely don’t take breaks to relax your fingers.

5. Walk into the examination hall with a fresh mind and body
Often, students study through the night and walk into the examination hall tired and very pre-occupied. This hampers them from doing their best. Ensure that you have slept well so that during the exams you are completely alert and at your fastest. Don’t do sample papers one day before the exam so you don’t walk in mentally and physically tired. Have a healthy snack before you walk in so that you don’t feel hungry and low on energy. And keep mints on you in case you feel unwell. Carrying some glucose water may be a good idea as well.

The trick is to be prepared and confident. Keep nervousness at bay and take on every exam like a battle you need to win and you are bound to emerge as a winner.
All the best!