How to change ca

Deepika (business / consulting) (28 Points)

22 January 2019  

Hello caclubindia

My  CA has been filing my IT returns from many years but I feel I should change them because he is not responsive and fast. Also there were many  mistakes made in the past filings and yet he charges way too much.

I have identified a new CA for me but I am worried about a few thigns:

1. do I need to gather some information from my old CA to give my new CA? or is it enough to show the CA my past IT returns?

2. if there is a notice sent to my old returns will my old CA represent me? Some of my old filings were complicated for my business and my old CA will answer this the best. Due to the mistakes made by my old CA there is some pending refund claims also for my past returns. Any advice on how to proceed?