How to be successful in Exams

CA Ravi Sisodia (CA,CS,CMA) (32226 Points)

10 February 2011  


 Here i am writing a simple article on how to be successful in exams.



The most important aspect of clearing an exam should be to understand the structure of the exam. Understanding the structure of the exams,it then becomes possible to tackle the exam and  be successful. Based on the structure of exam planning should be made.



The guidelines are very important in each and every exam to tackle the exams successfully. Follow the proper guidelines given by your teacher or seniors to get success in exam.




Practice makes one perfect. Students study before the 2 or 3 months prior to exams and think its quiet enough for that, but they need to practice a lot for completing the exam successfully. Person going to appear an exam should make sure that he/she practices before the exam in the same environment in which the exam will be conducted. People say practice makes a man perfect, so do a lot of practice to get success in exams.



Students studying prior to 2 or 3 months before the exam, don't have time later to do revision for the exams, which lacks in scoring as expected. Everyone do make mistakes, but one who learns from that mistake can see the success. Make plan where you can complete full studies and get time to do revision for mock up or modules. Doing revision, one can be a lot confident and will not make mistakes in exams. Do proper planning to get success in exam to score more marks and not making any mistakes.




While exams time students loose there confidence due to fear. A good study routine and adequate preparation are essential factors of becoming confident. All the time think positive and don't give space for negative thoughts, then you can see the result of that. Challenge your negative thoughts with your ability to perform well in exams.


Finally want to say, be confident and nothing can stop you to get success..




Best of luck