How Many Hours to Sleep

Sameer Medhekar (Student) (4140 Points)

23 January 2009  

 How Many Hours to Sleep 

is Necessary

(for Your Success)

How many hours per day to sleep during several months before the exams?

The sleep requirement is different for different people. It also changes with age. A newborn baby sleeps 16 to 20 hours a day. Sleeping for 4 hours to 10 is normal for adults.

If you feel tired most of the time, then see a doctor.


Should you sleep only in night or sleep in day also?

It is interesting that 50 percent of the world population sleeps for a short period during the day.

You should also sleep in the day time for a short period in the day time. This short sleep can revitalize and re-energize you for rest of the day. You will study more efficiently for rest of the day.

What Dale Carnegie, the famous American author says

The famous author Dale Carnegie says that if you sleep for one hour in the day, it adds one hour to your working day because you get refreshed and re-energized.