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One of our client having a registered office at say (A) have been awarded a contract for facbrication & supply of materials required for busses, these buses are to be fabricated in the premises of the receipint itself say (B).


1) Wether my client needs to ammend his GST registration and include the repients place as his additional place of business.

2) Wether he can issue 2 seperate bills ie bill for Labour charges recovering GST @ 18% & materials bearing GST @ 28% or wether he has to issue a single bill for supply of Busses bearing 28% GST.


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2. Yes... He can follw the same way for Goods @ 28% and Services @ 18%.

1. In my view, At the time of registration the address is shown as "Already Using Another Taxpayer" then no way for take it as Additional place of Business. Otherwise can make Put any other SF no... Bcoz, Same address with Same Door No is not available to Different Taxpayers...

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