GST on 'sale of goods to foreign vendor In India and sale of goods by foreign vendor in India

Satish Dindokar (0 Points)

06 August 2021  

Dear Members I request your expert or brain storming views on following two senarios

Step - I

1. Indian manufacturer selling goods to Foreign company ( Not having office/ place of business in India - NO GST registration) but  Indian manufacturer  has to deliver the goods within in India to Indian customer of foreign company in India.

Assuming deliver of goods from one state to another in India and money will be received from foreign vendor in foreign currency only.

how invoicing will be done ?

GST impact ? Export ? IGST 

Step - II

2. Now Indian customer has to buy goods from foreign company which are delivered in his premises for further process.

but there is no movement of goods since goods are already received in its premises for further work on instruction of foreign company by Indian manufacturer.

Money will be paid by Indian customer to foreign company

GST Impact ?  Import ? RCM ?

*Note due to business modus operandi it is not possible for Indian manufacturer to directly bill to Indian customer money has to compulsorily route through foreign company