GST Liability under JDA

Krishna (Assistant) (633 Points)

17 December 2023  
Where a land owner enter into JDA with builder having following terms:

Total flats 100

Flats to landowner 30

Flat sold before issue of cc or first occupation 63

Unsold flats in issue of cc 7

Sale consideration of flat nearest to date of development agreement 80 lakhs

Sale consideration of flat nearest to issue of CC 100 lakhs.

Tax payable lower of a or b

a. 80 lacs*30 flats*18%× 7 flats divided by 100 flats=30.24 lacs

b. 7 flats*100 lakhs*5%= 35 lacs.

Thus GST payable by builder under RCM will be 30.24 lacs.

Is this calculation is correct ?