GST ITC claim not made in march return how can i claim now

Prashant (partner) (28 Points)

19 April 2023  

Mobile purchased  on 23 march 2023

Entry done in tally as Machinery purchased (Net  and ITC CGST and SGST )

Depreciation claimed 31.3.23  15%

From tally I file 3B

Relying on data generated from tally filed 3B paid balance TAX demand for 31.3.23

Actually I should have cross checked ledgers earlier  but over confident that I have done it right after filing 3B posted entries in tally and then realised that

Purchase of mobile as machinery not considered by TALLY in 3b Because Ledger of machinery was not GST applicable in tally so as per entry CGST ITC and SGST ITC have that balance credit

But 3B not

Now how can I get that credit claimed in my next return which entries will I need to pass

As purchase of machinery( mobile ) before march is must for depreciation So in april how can i claim now please advice