GST - immovable property

sagar kaurani (-) (44 Points)

26 January 2018  
My client has a trading business having turnover of 18 lakhs and he’s registered under gst (proprietor) .. he has one commercial property given on rent for ₹3 lakhs If we consider both the turnover and receipt from gst It amounts to more thn 20 lakh My question is 1- is rent recieved is taxable under gst2- if yes ?how to raise invoice to tenant ... I mean under the trade name of the business or clients personal name 3- if invoice is issued on a personal name than how to file GSTR 1 in the name of trade ? Because while filing GSTR1 as u mention the GSTR Of buyer or service reciever he wil get credit under the TRADE NAME.4- if invoice is issued under business name than it will come under p