GST for services or software purchase outside of India for my business

Ankit Nagpal (1 Points)

17 August 2022  

Hello, I sell my services only in New Delhi. My revenue is less than Rs. 20,00,000 in one year. It is around Rs. 18,00,000

Do I have to pay GST on the money from my services?

I have some expenses in my business. These are software and services purchased outside of India. Like cloud hosting etc. 20% of my revenue goes to expenses outside of India. For example, I pay around 10% of revenue as web hosting, cloud hosting to a Germany company "Hetzner". I pay for these in Euros €. Around 10% is spent on the software subscriptttion purchases required to do my work. For example, GitHub, RedGate, Hypervisor etc. I pay for these in US dollars $. So, around 20% are expenses billed to services / purchases outside of India. So, do I have to pay GST for those 20% cost?