GST Applicability

Vivek Sunil Mule (Chartered Accountant) (73 Points)

24 March 2021  

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have query regarding GST applicability in below cases

ABC India situated in Greater Noida, India, is subsidiary of ABC China.

ABC India have purchased one plant from Chinese vendor M/s PQR.

Now ABC India is asking to do Installation of that equipment for which XYZ Pvt Ltd. (Indian Company) will get order and payment from China vendor.

1) XYZ Pvt Ltd. will get installation order and payment from china vendor for providing service in India. Will the GST applicable?

2) XYZ Pvt Ltd. will provide some material on that order in India. Will the GST applicable?

3) If China vender pays XYZ Pvt Ltd. in Dollar. Will the GST applicable?