Gr8 Quotes to saty + ve

Amir (Learner) (4016 Points)

29 January 2010  



“Don’t Compare urself wid others,

                 If u compare den u r insulting urself”


“No need 2 run in a race for winning,

        Just run 2 see how close u can get 2 d finish line………..”


“No one manufactures Lock widout key,

       Same way God won’t give Problems widout solutions”


“Life laughs at u, wen u r unhappy,

       Life smiles at u, wen u r happy & 

                Life salutes u, wen u make others happy”


“No one can go back & change a bad beginning,

      Anyone can start now & create a successful ending……..”


“If a problem can be solved, no need 2 worry about it,

          If it cannot then what’s d point in worrying………..”


“If u missed an opportunity, don’t fill tears in ur eyes

         Because it will hide another opportunity……..”


“Changing d Face” can change nothing,

      But “Facing d change” can change everything……”


“Mistakes r painful wen dey happens,But years later

  collection of such mistakes is known as “Experience….”


“Don’t afraid of darkness,

          Bcause it has to b dark for STARS to shine…….”


Secret of Success is “Never Giv up”


“The moment u think of Giving up sumthing,

   think of d REASON y u held on to it 4 so long…….”



“Whatever happens, happens for d BEST…….”