Giving up

Nimish Jain (Internal Auditor/CA final student)   (240 Points)

07 September 2010  

My name is Nimish Jain & i am a PCC student undergoing articleship

In my scope of work exposure, i came across a lot of people who reached till the very last few stairs and gave up

I've come across a lot of people who hav reached till finals and are now a complete failure because of their last moment decision of giving up.

They gave becoz they started feeling they can't

I personally feel "can't" is something tht urgently needs to be replaced by "can" in this profession.

I felt deeply urged to write an article about helping the others not become lyk any of them.

This is just a small attempt to motivate the demotivated , to smoothen the rough & to help people achieve success and gr8 heights.

I invite everyone on Caclubindia to join and a raise a voice towards helping our juniors,seniors & everyone who's in need of it,.

Nimish Jain