Get ur Mind Right

Ankita Chawla (CA Student + Graphologist + Accountant + Audit Assistant)   (909 Points)

24 February 2011  

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

“It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.”

Are you 100% happy and content with yourself?

Do you accept the physical features that God has created you with?

I think if we all answer that question honestly… we would all tend to agree that there are all a few (or many) things we would change about ourselves in many different areas.

And yes — there are many areas in our life, that we can change. If those are areas that we can change for the better… then by all means, go ahead and change them.

But there are many things about ourselves that we CANNOT change.

For instance — you can’t change how short you are or how tall you are… you can’t change the color of your skin… many times, you can’t change how athletic you are… and unless you invest in expensive (and sometimes dangerous surgery) you can’t change facial features such as your nose, ears, teeth, baldness, etc.


So by now, you should already know as a FACT that you are created in God’s image ....... and that you should have a healthy & positive outlook on your self as a person.

But how do we deal with the insecurities that we ALL have… and accept ourselves as how God created us?

How to Accept Yourself

To solve this problem… I believe the BIGGEST thing we should make up in our mind is to focus on the POSITIVE traits that we do have.

Each one of us have some very special talents and traits within himself or herself. You may not be the best athlete… but perhaps you are a FANTASTIC singer. You may not be very tall… but perhaps you are a SUCCESSFUL business man. You may have a huge nose… but perhaps you are the BEST mother out there!

The possibilities are endless! Focus on your good points... and what you can’t change, leave it be.

Look at the shepherd boy David. The Bible tells us that when Samuel came to annoint the first king over Israel — everybody looked past David because of his physical appearance. He was short, scrawny and ruddy… he just didn’t fit people’s expectations of what a king should like.

But that didn’t matter — because he fit God’s expectations. And guess what… so do you.

David went on to be Israel’s greatest king… and you can go on in life and become GREAT in whatever you aspire to do in this life!

FACT: You fit God’s expectation of what a highly successful and abundant person should look like.

Be blessed and have a GREAT dayahead......!