Forms for job work in dvat


01 February 2012  

Dear All

i am a registered dealer in DVAT. I manufacture garements . For that i sent goods for job work of stiching ,dyeing etc to sahibabad, I make thier payment for job work done by cheque after deducting TDS in Section 194c.. Everthing was going well but suddenly the contractors have started asking for "F" Form.

on confirming i come to know the "F" form is for branch Transfer, not for the movement of goods for job work. but they contranctor are saying they are getting it from the other parties like me. Then some one told me to us DVAT 32 for sending the goods for job work out of delhi. I enquired from so many people but no one know the correct way. My liablity for filing the sales tax return is quaterly.

pl....plz advise....................