Filing ITR-3 as a stocks/commodity/F&O /Currency trader

herbsandchilli Trading (81 Points)

31 March 2021  

FY2020-21 :This is the 1st year filing ITR3 as a business & have to tax audit as profit is less than 6% turnover  

I have some doubts (stock gambling only from april 2020)

  1. Intraday speculative trading : no calculation of buy & sell value of stocks right ? only profit/loss?
  2. STCG (BTST &up to 1month holding max ) buy& sell value of stocks comes under turn over as a business ?
  3. Have currency trades - comes under turn over as a business?
  4. Have few futures& option trades -comes under turn over as a business?
  5. Have Comodity trades --comes under turn over as a business?
  6. All brokerage charges ,STT,CTT,Stamp duty,Exchange fees can be claimed for which heads?
  7. What is the IT filing code for business “indivual speculator/stocks trader” (all these years I self filed ITR1 with only FD income as a senior citizen )
  8. I have 2 brokerages Tax P&L statements ( turn over total may be 4-5 crores) 
  9. Net I have profit in intraday & but losses in STCG , F&O, Commodity, Currency ttades etc
  10. can we adjust all & give a total P&L in ITR3
  11. looking for any auditor fees quotes .Any city is ok,
    but that CA must specialise filing for stock traders