Feng shui tips for finances

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17 February 2012  

If you scrounge for change at the end of each month or wish to find a few bucks in your pant every time you do laundry, something is not going right for you! First of all, stop relying on the luck of the Irish and use a more constructive way to attract money into your life- Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Tips For Finances:

Clear Clutter-

Clutter symbolizes stagnant energy, and clutter inside the money power spot can block your cash flow. Hence, it’s important to get rid of mess to increase the energy of the power spots.

Keep Symbols Of Prosperity:

Symbols of prosperity, such as- bowl of coins, or a “lucky bamboo” plant, can be kept in the house for generating wealth. Apart from this, a picture of your dream luxury car, or the beautiful house you long for, is also a very effective money symbol.

Money Areas Should Be In Purple And Green Tones

Green is a symbol of growth and vitality, and purple symbolizes wealth. Keep a bowl of purple and green grapes in the wealth area of the kitchen, to denote abundance. You can use real or artificial grapes.

Handle money properly:

Clean all the clutter inside your purse or wallet, and start handling money with more respect. Keep the notes neatly sorted in your money clip or wallet; never keep it crumpled at the bottom of the pocket.

Make sure you keep your checkbook in green, purple, blue or red cover in the wealth area.

Live A Generous Life:

Money is a type of energy which has to flow through your life, not merely in it. Hoarding will work against you and will restrict the money flow. However, giving money generously (within your means) creates greater abundance. Remember, if you don’t have enough money to give, make sure you offer your energy, time, appreciation and compassion generously.

Remember, prosperity is not determined by the amount of money you have, but how well you enjoy what is already there in your life. The feng shui tips for finances will help you do just that.


Source : https://concentrationplusfocus.blogspot.com/