Fellow students...don't you hate your lives sometimes??

Rhea (Student CA Final ) (633 Points)

07 September 2012  
CA final student here..If I had choosen to do college,it would have been the last year and I would have been having so much fun,but guess that was not meant for me. :( Most of us don't do college.We have no picnics,no out-stations(I mean to exclude the sh*tty audit ones...lol),no fests,no parties or functions,just nothing.People our age are chilling sitting in college canteens,and here we are running for classes(I don't go classes,but generally speaking),doing the mundance,tedious work for 8 hours or more everyday aka the disastrous 'articleship'.I'm not saying that you can't have fun if you don't do college,but most CA students are good and focused students unlike me,so they hardly care about that thing.Unless they're free,which they never are,nobody wants to go clubbing and get wasted or party or even eat out and go for a movie.I mean,these things are nowhere in the top 10 of their priority lists,like they shouldn't be.It's been 2 years and I have failed to make any cool friends in CA.I don't have any mates who I like to hang out with.Most of my old friends are busy with their own other friend groups.So?There's only 3-4 best friends of mine that I can hang out,party and chill with.I feel like my social life is in ruins.I feel like sh!t at times,like I missed it all.I wish I didn't do this to my life.Now a lot of you would say that you did have fun,but hey,let's speak relatively.Late teens and early 20s is the coolest time of our lives.Don't you people ever feel like you have missed so much in life for a damn degree?And let's be real,it's not even that great.It's not like your life is guaranteed to be glamorous post qualification or something,most CA students just exaggerate the worth of CA too much.And girls,don't you ever feel like CA has like NO good looking guys at all?I mean really..I barely found any(Ok,this one is not serious,guys don't kill me!) Yeah I know,I'm being very whiny and ungrateful.But I needed to get this off my chest.Thanks.