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Attached zip contains portable software to copy files from your specific folder to your target folder with lisitng of files (Preview). (Must for those users who have to take daily backup of their important folder to pendrive or external harddisk)


Exshail CopyCare, a free portable tools from Exshail Software, is an easy to use application that allows you to copy and manage files between folders. You can copy or delete files of any type whether they are office documents, audio, visual, text or a combination from nearly any media for target folder.


Exshail CopyCare manages all these types of files with a few mouse clicks, keeps track of new files from source location and enures that the changes carry over to your target folder.


There are many ways to copy files in a Windows® environment. However, this is faster, easier to configure, more transparent, and easier to repeat than:

1. Using Copy or XCopy from the command line,
2. Building batch files and/or scriptts to automate file copy operations,
3. Using Windows Briefcase,
4. Using Drag and Drop or sendto or copy to from right click on file in Windows Explorer, or
5. Using offline folders.


Exshail CopyCare is a very simple tool to use and works with Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista.
Its simple, user-friendly interface holds no nasty surprises or complicated concepts. It even has a preview function (List Files to Copy Button) that lets you know results of an action before you actually do it. Overall Exshail CopyCare is a practical, simple and easy tool for better file management at home or in the workplace.


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Exshail Software

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Excel Tips :


Cut any cell with CTRL + X and then
Use CTRL + SHIFT and '+' key to insert the cell above to it or cell left to it. BTW it is just a default inbuilt shortcut key assign for insert cut cells...


How to Use Exshail CopyCare:

1. Select the folder (Source) by clicking on button on right hand side of textbox and select the folder below where you want to copy the folder (Target) by right clciking on button on right side of target textbox.

2. Then press on "List files to Copy" Big Button below Target Textbox to list the files on top listbox.

3. As soon as you click this button, the listing of files to copy start. You can Stop this process as well. After few seconds, process is completed and showing some file list on top listbox.

4. Now select options to copy from file menu or dropdown box below listbox.

5. Now Click next button on righthand side of "List Files to Copy".

As soon as you click the button, the transferring of the files gets start. You can Stop transferring process as well.

The other options are Skip orphan files and file filter to copy specific type of files only which are not found in many other file copy software.

For better folder display on right bottom folder tree view provided to select the source and target folder easily by selecting folder and clicking on S or T Button respectively.

Exshail CopyCare is a small light weight application. If you require software just to copy\transfer files then Exshail CopyCare is very helpful for you.

For latest update visit https://sites.google.com/site/exshail/exshailcopycare

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Exshail CopyCare Tips :

1. You can use multiple exe of exshailcopycare.exe by renaming exshailCopyCare.exe with your desired job names so as to show and run saved folder settings accordingly.
e.g. CopyTallyData2pendrive.exe, CopyImpDoc2BkupFolder.exe etc.


You can also download latest free and portable exshail software from below page.

http://download.cnet.com/windows/exshail-software/3260-20_4-10279896-1.H T M L


See comment from user David Roper from below link posted on 20/09/2014..





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