Expected pass percentage

Expected pass percentage for CA Final Nov 2017 Examination:

Group I - 12%
Group II - 16%
Both Group - 13.5%

I have researched with some ICAI officials and got the following details.

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Ca final first grp clear

it's good news but grp 2 paper is touch and lengthy.still 16%......????

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Group II results were always higher than the Group I results. Also, Group II is having major revamp with IDT in May 2018. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect higher pass percentage in Group II.

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CA Final CS Final

no this can not happen at least this time.

Group 1 papers were easy so results will be higher like 19-20% and

for Group 2: 17%

Both group applied and passed : 21%


Please explain the rationality behind the estimates?


CA Final CS Final

@ ajay kumar - you are already CA, you have not attempted this exam hence you dont know how second group papers were. They were much lengthy, average student could attempt only 70 marks.

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I have taken reviews of more than 10 students. I agree with the fact that exams were tough but this won't affect the results. Lengthy papers are problem of every attempt, not only this time.

I would request students out here to give there reviews, how they felt about the exam?

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Moreover, if everyone has attempted 70 marks on an average. That will itself become 100 and everyone else will be marked accordingly.

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CA Final CS Final

Yes @ Ajay kumar sir -

but the need of CA is increasing due to GST implementation. As per ICAI records, less than 1 lakh CAs are in practice, other CA opt for job. So these CAs are not sufficient to fulfill the demand.

So, ICAI may plan to produce more CA in coming few years. Thats why, pass percentage might be higher this time

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Ca Ajay- Here is my review of the Nov 17 exam:

 I would like to offer my insight on the Nov 17 exams this time for each paper individually as follows:

1. FR-  The paper was above average, fairly lengthy and a lot of candidates didn't finish it well.

2. SFM- The easiest paper, in fact in 2017 both terms they were directly out of pm and rtp only.

3. Audit- A different paper where they asked loads of questions from company audit and many small topics were totally absent. If someone had prepared standards, pe and company audit well they would have enjoyed this exam.

4. Law- A lot of conceptual and tricky questions, the most challenging paper in group 1.

5. AMA- The sheer size of question paper was an indication of how lengthy it was. Most candidates having normal speed could answer only 70-80 marks this time.

6, ISCA- Plenty of questions from sm and less from pm this time so another out of the box paper, very different one.

7. DT- There were a lot of confusion over most qeustions because they were from unknown areas...probably the most challenging paper in entire CA final exams this time.Also it was way too lengthy for 3 hours.

8. IDT- Another paper where a lot of conceptual knowledge and understanding was tested, especially in questions on service tax.

Conclusion- I hope group 1 will be in double digits but doubtful about group 2 which as a whole was a much more challenging group this time. And for both groups I expect percentage to remain in single digits only.


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