Excess ITC (2017-18)claimed interest

As per system generated GSTR 9 there's a difference of Rs.450 ITC (excess claimed). Without digging deep, i want to pay this amount to avoid any notices. Now my question is 1)how do i pay this and in which table to show? 2) How to calculate interest on this....i.e. from which day?
Hope u guys answer.....Thanks.

show short in Table 6 and make paymenr through DRC-03 either utilising credit balnce or cash balance. interest @ 24% is applicable from due date of month in which excess calimed till payment date.

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Thanks. But the thing is i have matched my GSTR 2 with system generated GSTR 2A month wise and bill wise. Apart from some round off differences (e.g. 0.20 paise, 0.05 paise etc.) there is no mismatch between the tax amount of GSTR 2 vs GSTR 2A. Also there is no credit/debit note by supplier which i missed. So, my question is if i cannot pin point since when I claimed excess ITC, how can I calculate the interest. Hope u guys answer. Thanks again. 

Note: Even if all the rounded off fractions are added, the total difference cannot be more than...say Rs.10.


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