Easy option or easy life ?

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20 May 2011  

Easy option or easy life …

We all think that life is unmanageable .Its too tough. But we never realize that we are choosing an easy option everytime.You all may not agree with this fact, even may protest me that ….”if I am choosing an easy option everytime then how I suffer” ? Are you insane or lost your senses ?

Alright let me explain 2 examples------

Situation -1

You want to talk to a person but because of some agreements between the said person and you , you don’t want to call. But still after sometime you get the eager to talk with the same person. Then after sometime because of your ego or the respective situations, you call other person except the person you want to talk. But now you will not be satisfied…

Situtation -2

You are having a good mood. But suddenly your boss start shouting upon you….and gives you piles of work .criticize you in every manner “ You don’t work properly etc …”


Now you want to study . But in situation 1 you are tired mentally , and on the next situation you are tired mentally and physically both.

You might try to convince your mind to study but suddenly all these thoughts will start emerging in your mind.And you start thinking about all past incidents or future dreams. In short you simply forget what are you supposed to do right now.

Why all this happen ?

This all has a simple logic behind . If you are studying then you  have to be concentrative and  more attentive. But on the other side  you simply need not to do anything. Its more like

“just open your TV and it will create enormous drama by itself , which you can easily watch by lying in your bed. You start criticizing youself for doing nothing for hours.” AND START ASKING YOURSELF

I'm seeing all the angles, starts to get tangled
I start to comprimise
My life and the purpose.
Is it all worth it,
Am I gonna turn out fine?”

So everytime you feel worry then think once again “ are you really worrying because its more important then your job or you really want to do it .



Choose an easy life but not an easy option:)