Doing without doing

priyankadimri (student) (724 Points)

29 November 2012  

To stay still is not an easy task. Since Childhood we have been taught to act,to take control of our circumstances and change them in our favour. We are also told that action, whatever little, is better than inaction.

Though the percept holds good for most of the times, there are occasions when action of any sort only adds to the complexity of any situation. About why it happens, the best explanation comes from the concept of 'wei wu wei' of Taoism.

'Wei Wu Wei' can be translated as "doing without doing". It implies that delibrate action that involves effort is not in tune with natural state and evolution of the world and for this reason that leads to complications. The concept, therefore, lays emphasis on knowing when to act. In other words, there is no point in striking the iron when it is not hot.

Unfortunately, today we led what can be called hyper-activelives because we not only want more and more but also want it quicker. This urge for instant grantification drives us toward needless activity. When we face a problem, we want to solve it quickly. When we can't do anything about it, we are overcome with a sense of helplessness.

But choosing not to act can be a good stategy for two reasons. One, sometimes things work out themselves and amazingly so. And two, if we withdraw our mind from a problem for sometimes and approach it again with a fresh mind, there is a greater chance of getting a solution.