Does Custom duty apply on Import of Service

mack (Thinking-to-start-business)   (154 Points)

10 January 2023  

I think only goods - tangible products are liable for customs duty but still not sure if the import of service does or not because when services are imported then they are (intangible) so does not pass through customs.


Example : An IT company in Bengaluru getting a software developer service from the USA so this IT company on import of service by USA has to pay customs duty or not ?. (and in import of service this IT company has to pay IGST or not ?)


Apart from this I also read somewhere that 


Customs duty is being replaced by IGST, which means instead of Custom duty, Integrated Goods and services tax is applicable on every export and import of goods and services.


But I don't think that 'Custome Duty' is removed rather on import government change IGST, Custom duty, cess. Correct me if my understanding is wrong ?