Do i need vat tin/cst no. for trading in vat exempted goods?

Nawal Kumar (Director) (30 Points)

19 December 2011  


I have read in Gujarat state VAT schedule that Rice and Garlic are VAT exempted items in Gujarat. I want to start a business of selling Rice and Garlic in the state of Gujarat after procuring them from other states.

I need to know whether I would be required to obtain VAT no. or CST no. for such type of business where I would be dealing in only VAT exempted items (Rice & Garlic).

Would I be able to get these VAT exempted items transported from other states (like UP) to Gujarat if I don't have a VAT no. and/or CST no. for my business? If yes, then what documents would the transport company require from me for legally transporting Rice & Garlic from other states to Gujarat?


I would really appreciate specific replies (point to point) to my questions. Thanks a lot for your support.