Dilemma of quitting CA Final

amitagrawal (none) (152 Points)

14 August 2019  
I have given ca final Gr-2 ca final exam this time and not cleared, I do my best and got Cost-43,Isca-44,DT-45,Idt-34.
I have prepared this time very sincerely and hope to clear the exam but result is not in my favour.
I have already cleared my 1st group in January 13 after that I have lot of struggle to clear my ca final group - 2,
each time I have tried to bounce back but result was same, so now I have not courage to give the exams, I have also left my job for may 2019 examinations, now I have broken heart to see the yesterday result.
So, finally I am going to quit and see another opportunity in the life.
I am in dilemma what to do Right now??