Refund by e-filing return

Abhishek (.) (25 Points)

07 May 2012  

I work in an IT company. Here we mention our investments proofs etc to get tax exemption. Howver, this year I bought a new policy and paid its premium in March 2010. Hence, I wasn't able to show it in due time. As a result, my form-16 given to me by company will have more tax deducted than it would have been taking my new policy premium in account.

Hence, I have decided to show this premium amount while e-filing IT Return, calculate the new tax payable and apply for a refund. Howver, as far as I know, we must not send any proofs with ITR-V form when sending it to CPC,Bangalore.

My doubt is how and when will I be asked to furnish my investments proofs? Will it require me to goto Bangalore or just send my proofs by post? And is such case, whn can i expect to get refund?

Plz clarify my doubts. Thnks in advance.