Utilize the time before joining coaching !!!

Ankur Garg (Company Secretary and Compliance Officer)   (114689 Points)

09 March 2012  

Hello All,


It will be great if you could utilise your time before joining professional coaching. The first thing that you must do while self studying is to go through the syllabus, after which you will come to know that what all needs to be covered, how many chapters are there in each subject and with how many chapters you are familiar with, i.e. Topics that you may have covered in your 12th or CPT exams.


You are the one who knows your weakness as well as your strength so you must try to minimize your weakness and increase your strength i.e., if you are good at theory subjects but not as good at solving practical problems then you must devote more time towards practical subject and vice versa.


Then the next thing you can do is make a time table covering how many subjects you want to study and how much time you want to devote to each subject on a particular day


This is how you can start (you can study from the study material of the institute instead of referring any other book in the beginning)


ACCOUNTS  -  start with partnership accounts as it is quite familiar chapter and you will be able to solve the questions of first two units after reading and understanding the theory part as well as recollecting whatever you have learnt in 12th .


LAW - It is not a difficult subject. You can start with any chapter though starting with Indian contract act would be the best option.


AUDITING - Start from the first chapter as this will make you concepts clear and you will not face any difficulty in the chapters to come.


TAXATION - You can start with service tax and VAT part first.


COST ACCOUNTING- Read the first chapter which is a theory chapter and tells about the basics of Cost Accounting. After reading this chapter you can proceed to other chapters.


FINANCIAL MANAGEMENTHere also I would suggest you to read the first chapter which is a theory chapter and tells about the basics of FM. After that proceed to other chapters.


INFORMATION PRACTICE - You can start with any chapter. Internet and networking are important chapters so you may just go through them.


SRATEGIC MANAGEMENT - Start with any chapter.


While solving practical problems don't worry if you are taking much time as with regular practice you get the desired speed.


While studying theory subjects don’t be in a rush to cover a topic. Read each topic, if you do not understand read it once more and clear your concepts, make notes after reading each topic this will help you in remembering.


You will need reference book for accounts, cost accounting, financial management and taxation as these subjects require a lot of practice .There are so many books available. You can search for CA PCC books and look for yourself which author's books are suitable for you.


I hope that by now you must have got some idea.