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How to be successful in Exams

CA Ravi Sisodia (CA,CS,CMA)     10 February 2011

CA Ravi Sisodia
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 Here i am writing a simple article on how to be successful in exams.



The most important aspect of clearing an exam should be to understand the structure of the exam. Understanding the structure of the exams,it then becomes possible to tackle the exam and  be successful. Based on the structure of exam planning should be made.



The guidelines are very important in each and every exam to tackle the exams successfully. Follow the proper guidelines given by your teacher or seniors to get success in exam.




Practice makes one perfect. Students study before the 2 or 3 months prior to exams and think its quiet enough for that, but they need to practice a lot for completing the exam successfully. Person going to appear an exam should make sure that he/she practices before the exam in the same environment in which the exam will be conducted. People say practice makes a man perfect, so do a lot of practice to get success in exams.



Students studying prior to 2 or 3 months before the exam, don't have time later to do revision for the exams, which lacks in scoring as expected. Everyone do make mistakes, but one who learns from that mistake can see the success. Make plan where you can complete full studies and get time to do revision for mock up or modules. Doing revision, one can be a lot confident and will not make mistakes in exams. Do proper planning to get success in exam to score more marks and not making any mistakes.




While exams time students loose there confidence due to fear. A good study routine and adequate preparation are essential factors of becoming confident. All the time think positive and don't give space for negative thoughts, then you can see the result of that. Challenge your negative thoughts with your ability to perform well in exams.


Finally want to say, be confident and nothing can stop you to get success..




Best of luck




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CA Ravi Sisodia (CA,CS,CMA)     10 February 2011

CA Ravi Sisodia
 3237 likes  32216 points

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-A Research on Study Patterns adopted by one student - with added flavor-


**Presented By – CA Surendra Kumar Rakhecha**

Specially written for caclubindia users. 












Unbelievable marks are scored by most of the CA students. They think that we attempted the full paper; but marks are not up to mark – even 40s were not allotted ! 



Since nobody is there with whom they can discuss the reasons and correct
the mistakes hence the mistakes are not found. These remain hidden.

The result is - the same result as the previous one – again and again. 

It is really a very unfortunate state for the students and their parents. Parents
also can’t understand what are the faults with their children. But, if it analyzed with pen and paper; the mistakes can be revealed easily. 


On yesterday evening; one 118 kg. PCC 3 times failed student came to me for help. Despite having best coaching in Surat, he was unable to draw the “line of best fit” (read Cost Accounting, if required) to get the success. On

discussion; he disclosed that he is unable to conclude where is the mistake. I asked him certain questions and the following facts were revealed. Since I noted each and every discussion in front of him; hence he was satisfied.  

The question-answer session was as under :

            Question                                              Answer

1. What is your major drawback      :   Lack of Concentration, Sir ! 

2. Why                                            : ?? 
                                                           (to know this; I have come here)
3. (From reaction of Q 2)-

I asked - because you think that
you have already read all the
materials                                            : Yes

4. (Noting the misconception)-

Do you think that you are good in DT: No
5. (Judging his genuineness)-

a. Do you have any bike                     : Yes

b. When you learned riding,
  were you confident in a week?          : Yes, but…… a month, I think...

c. Whether learning was interesting     : Yes, of course !

d. When you learned it well; then I
think the Riding became boring           : No… it became more interesting.

e. Why                                               : ?? .. You know.. it is interesting !
                                                            (Why you ask such question?)
f. Do you agree that learning is 
interesting whatever is the area           : Ya 

g. Do you learn while you read            : ?? Can’t say….but may be…

h. You read subjects because these     : Ya
are in the syllabus                                 (What a foolish question?)

i. It means whatever you read;            : Something we  learn….
there is no learning                               (here “we” represents all CA students?)

j. Do you think – that “something”
is enough to pass                                 : ?? 
                                                             (Neither yes nor no)

k. (Looking to his weight, I presumed)

In how many activities you participated
in your school/college days                   : ?? 

                                                              (Not Applicable to me, see my weight !)

l. Say subjectwise marks you scored     : Not sure, but sure that these are poor. 

                                                             (Lack of concentration proved-See Q 1 !)

m. Give me your last Roll No.                : 16yz
(so that I can check on net)

n. I checked; but Name was different : …………..(loss of memory for time being)
(although Roll No. was correct 
which he told-he verified also)

o. I asked – It is not yours, then?          : Sir, try 16zy3

p. I tried                                                : and the attempt was successful !

q. These are the marks 
scored by you                                       : Ya, (consistently 30 to 35) 

                                                                (in all the subjects, all the time!) 

r. Do you come from English Medium?    : Ya 
                                                                (very fluent in English!) 

s. Where do you live                              : ( Replied )  

t. How many members are there            : Only 3 
                                                                (idiot question !)

u. Do you have friends who are
pursuing CA                                           : No

v. Do you use internet                           : Ya

w. Which sites                                        : ….just for chatting !

x. Do you know caclubindia                   : No 
                                                               (My club is different – it’s different !)

Although full alphabets were not covered in the questionnaire, but I concluded that the letters “yz” have been properly covered when I asked his Roll No. (See point number o above).

Not a single point was there where I could give him some marks ( although I am liberal, you can presume - from my above statement) Can readers tell me now where was he lacking ? 

Try yourself in all the above questions and note down your study patterns to discuss it in length with your friend circle…………... 

If we take the above questions as asked in an Examination, we will conclude that mostly he has given correct answers. 

Fully Correct : 1, 3, 5 (a, b, c, d, f, h, l, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w)
(Yes is treated as a correct answer)

Wrong : 4, 5 ( i, m)
(No is treated as a wrong answer)

Not Knowing : 2, 5 (e, g, j, k, n, x)
(?? .is considered as left unattempted)

(Readers are free to make any type of analysis…..but, I am sure that the result would be one and same).

On the above analysis; I ask one question; whether he should be declared successful merely because he has given most of the answers correct one and rest can be ignored…….


Sixer on Last Ball ! 


After a live discussion as above; although he we was confident because he realized his mistakes.

He supposed to ask me so many questions when he came, but unfortunately he was caught and forced to give answers which he always disliked – already harassed by the institute to ask such silly questions !. 

At last, he put his master stroke on ME -

Sir, I want to pass CA at any cost; tell me - what should I do ?

(Readers - Tell me, what should I do?)

Please help me; I am lacking concentration….. My position is like …..(See Q 1).

Moral : 

If there is a lack of learning, non participation and no discussion; then subjects become non-interesting which leads to lack of concentration and if there is “a lack of concentration”; your “Lacs of Efforts” are useless.

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CA Ravi Sisodia (CA,CS,CMA)     10 February 2011

CA Ravi Sisodia
 3237 likes  32216 points

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C A Profession as a Whole
For our profession; there are three broad internal factors i.e. Self, Clients and Staff. And
there are three external variables i.e. Everchanging laws, Infrastructure and Authorities.
Proper balance between all the variables is needed.
Opportunity at one time may convert into threat if preparation is not according to the desired level and threat may be converted into an opportunity if extraordinary efforts are made.
- CA Surendra Rakhecha
1.    Low Cost of Education
2.    Performance in typical situations
3.    High Speed
4.    Capacity to handle various types of tasks simultaneously
5.    Knowledge of everchanging different types  of laws
6.    Accuracy guaranteed in Government & in Other Departmental work
7.    Goodwill in Public Mind
8.    World Calss Journal and Publications
9.    Sound Vision : System Analysis and Data Processing subject introduced more than 20 years back.
10.Sound examination pattern all over India.
11.Tactful analysis of Subject Material
13.Good Health (you will not see a single member whose health is poor- this is performance a(re)ward given by God to a CA)
14.(More can be added : as you wish) as each member is a brand ambassador of the institute
1. Unmatched Training Programme:
While the examination pattern of C.A. profession is very sound; the training part is not so sound  except at some metro/big cities. In metro cities also; each and every student don’t get the same quality of training during the articleship. 
I mean; in comparison to the sound examination system; the training system is not so sound. There is a lot of difference between a student getting training in Mumbai and one having training at Surat .
The reason of the  difference is/may be due to the scope of work at Mumbai and Surat. Many other points are also important like availability of books, coaching facilities and number of articled clerks and members in the firm etc.
2. Unmatched Coaching :
For 5 Lacs approx students; in most of the cities/chapters;  oral coaching facilities are not made available.
Only suggestions like there is no substitute of hard work etc. is given. That is why despite passing CPT and PCC; many students cannot succeed in CA Final. At the time of results; they presume - luck is unfavourable.
If we analyze the above sentence; the students who passed CPT and/or PCC; it means they worked hard. Then should we presume that at CA Final level; they have not worked hard?
Why there is high failure ratio of students although they passed preliminary and semi-qualified examinations? The course of CA is not of a competition. I mean it is not like that only a certain number of seats are available for CAs.  
Basic question is that-when a student passes CPT, he assumes that now he is a fit person to qualify CA. But after certain number of  attempts; he feels that it is almost impossible to pass.
Either CPT passing is not a criteria to get guaranteed success or there is lacuna in coaching (not existing at all in some cities). Then  what should be done by the students who are at half of the way?
 3. Unmatched CPE Hours for Members :
It is compulsory to have 30 hours of CPE in a calendar year for a practicing  member. Such types of requirement were never felt in any other profession. (That is why CA Profession is unique?). This may be treated like a coaching.
For whom coaching should be made compulsory : for students or the members?
Do the members not have the sense to update the knowledge? If it is presumed that members are not knowing the real source of updating the knowledge then how we can expect from the students that they will have real sources of updating knowledge?
4. Non-Standardization of Faculties :
The contents of the matter and the presentation skills should be highly informative. Many times; speaker is good but contents are poor. Many times contents are good but speaker is poor (rich in the sense of money).
No panel of speakers are maintained. Without checking the quality; each member who shows his willingness to speak; is freely allowed to speak.
5. Lack of Communication Skills :
1.    Good Speakers in CA Profession : Out of approx 1.50 lacs qualified members only  1,000 are speakers (i.e. less than 1%). Out of them how many are effective speakers is yet to be analysed.
Above words may be hurting. But it is a fact. 
2.    Members are not able to convince the clients regarding value of the services they provide.  Most of the CAs are ready to do Tax Audits at Rs. 5,000 (even below) as they counts number only at the cost of quality. Even if books are presented for audit on last day; audit reports are prepared and neatly printed. (see further comments elsewhere in the article).
3.    That is why despite introduction of tax audit 25 years back; these reports are not valued by the Income-Tax Department  at the time of scrutiny and heavy additions are made although  NIL adverse comments are there in the audit reports.
6. Lack of Day to Day Time Management
I read about 15 years ago; that business tycoon Mr J R D Tata used to go at Golf Club at evening 5.00 pm everyday.  During the day; he used to handle so many business meetings. But he well managed his time for personal needs also. 
Now-a-days; we see that upto 15th of April every year; some companies publish their annual accounts audited despite having turnover of millions.
But; look at the other side of the coin.
In every part of the nation; we see the last hour rush to file the Returns etc.
Because services are guaranteed by CA without charging extra unlike Doctors.
(Remember that the medical profession is known as one of the best profession worldwide and profession of accountancy is hated all over the world !)
The last hour rush causes tremendous pressure to do work in limited time with great accuracy. Only chartered accountants are required to do legal work/compliance in a particular time frame of a large number of clients. The story of advocates is different. They can run the case as long as they wish.
Despite the fact that heavy penalty is there for not filing Tax Audit Reports; people tend to come at last moment because CAs have guaranteed these services without any extra cost. It is my opinion; that in such types of cases; the fee should be charged at least double so that in next time; the client will come well in time.
7. Overloaded Work :
I have experienced that Earnst & Young Articled Clerks  use to come after 36 hours at their home during peak season of audit. 
Chartered Accountants often remains busy on phone as if running an Information Bureau.
Even on Refresher Program they cannot switch off their mobile which proves their busi-ness (business without any cash value-telphonic services are never considered so useful by the clients). Fortunately or unfortunately; the  spelling of business is same as of business.
Bundles of papers are to be retained for years. These files increase day by day. Everytime; old papers are to be referred which consume a lot of time. Audit Reports also to be retained for 10 years with working papers. Although paper problem has been solved to some extent with the help of computers.
Despite giving on spot services most of the time; CAs do not differentiate the normal services and urgent services. The charging pattern is same at the cost of  whole office system whenever an urgent work come to the  table.
8. Poor Charging of Services Rendered
Recently I have come across a case; where to get a Stay Order  an Advocate charged a fee of Rs. 40,000/-. A similar fee by an Advocate of High Court was charged for Rs. 70,000/-. All the fee were paid in advance.
In most of the firms; bills are not raised immediately after the services are rendered. The situation is not applicable to the firms who are under service-tax net.
9. Poor Co-ordination between the members
The members do no share their views if there is any new development in the profession. Although the matter is published in the magazines much before than it is going to be implemented; but the same is not discussed honestly between the  members.  This is one of the reason of inferior quality in services.
10. Poor Concentration
Due to overloaded work; concentration lacks.
       Various new avenues (need no discussion) in the profession have emerged which provide marvelous opportunities.  One of the opportunities waiting for CA is Goods and Service Tax.
To grab the opportunities; complete change in vision is required.  
Hereinbelow; I give the following example of medical profession how it is run:
1.    1.Case preparation – file charges
2.    Writing of prescripttion by physician in normal course.
3.    If somewhat problematic; testing in laboratories.
4.    If case is not under the control of physician; it is referred to the expert.
5.    If still it is complicated; it is referred to another expert for second opinion.
6.    And if required; hospitalization.
7.    In hospitalization; how much mediclaim he has; is asked.
8.    Accordingly treatment is made.
9.    Despite this; no guarantee is there that the patient will be saved !!
All this is possible because whatever new development in the medical profession is there; is well shared in Seminars by the Doctors. These seminars are well managed and are very particular in time. 
In Surat; 5 years ago, in an International Medical Conference  there were 59 speakers from all over the world. And the subject was only one : That is Diseases of Eye.   Four different speakers were speaking on predecided topics at a time in different halls. The choice was left to the doctors to whom they wish to listen. Some of speakers were to speak only for 3 minutes on a very particular topic. Introduction of the Speaker was well distributed to the participants beforehand. They also maintained Advance Scheduling of Time.
As soon as the speech of a faculty was likely to over; before 15 seconds a bulb used to spark and the speaker has to finalise his speech and by the same time another speaker took the place right behind the present speaker so that without any loss of time; he could start his speech.
Since the introduction about the speakers were given in the seminar materials and booklet; hence no need of any garlanding and killing of time.
Are we so professional ?
The answer is No……. Because we give services to our clients on spot; without even charging emergency costs. A person who gets his account audited two months before is more harassed by calling so many details than the person who comes at last moment. Because the late comer get his work done without paying any extra cost. Then who will not prefer such style of getting his work done?
What should be done then ?
If we see that even in tax audit cases; the stock records are not up-to-date; the work can be allotted to some young C.A. who will give his comments on stock records without having any bias. 
The above is an example only. If we see a number of unsecured loans; the work can be allowed to another CA to verify the correctness of the loans by calling confirmations and other relevant details.
But here most of CAs think the work might be snatched by new CA if allotted.
This is the perception of the members when they have qualified one of the subject at CA Final Level : Professional Ethics.
It clearly means; merely passing a subject does not have any real value. It is also a facult in the present education system. It should be introduced as a part of CPE in real sense. 
Increased No. of Articled Clerks and Complexity of Audit Work etc.
By introducing increased number of articled clerks per member; now each chartered accountancy firm has availability of staff.
 Since the work is going to be increased with the introduction of GST, IFRS etc. hence by proper training we can do following  things for our profession :
1.    To grab the opportunities
2.    To Train the Articled Clerks
3.    To get the work supervised by Senior Articled Clerk
4.    Public Awareness.
(see the tactis of new doctors in the name of free checkup to find patients although public take it as a work of charity).
If we expend only 15 minutes in a day to all of our articled clerks;  a tremendous help in the day-to-day work may be achieved at an  very efficient way.
1.    Lacking  time management
2.    Lacking advance learning of Computers
3.    Lack of Liaison with Top Authorities
4.    Lack of trained people
5.    Increasing complexity in the tax laws, fema, auditing etc.
1.    Try to find our best time a day. Mental work requires concentration. Best time for dealing with others is relaxed time.
2.    21 days programme :
a.    Reschedule the whole work (Total work of the Office)
b.    Proper delegation of work to the extent possible-(a management tool)
c.    Raising bills immediately and follow up –(Deem it as part of work)
d.    Cut down time for completion of job to the extent possible
          –(Practical approach of Cost Accounting)
e.    Spend time with family at least six hours in weekly working days (Is it called as Social Welfare ?)
3.    Stress : analyze the causes thereof and remove them:
a.    Try to do too much work
b.    Afternoon drowsyness
c.    Too many interviews/visitors           
d.    Most telephones from whom 
e.    Professional time Schedule                        
4.    Time Demands :          
                    Tasks                  Purpose & Priorities                        Other People
                                                Self Demands
5.    Work Analysis :
       Many times; due to shortage of time this analysis is not done.
6.    Purpose of Work and Key Priorities
               Although all we know about the key priorities; but due to unscheduled pattern of attending clients; particularly in small cities; in most of the cases the whole schedule get disturbed. 
It should be taken in control to serve better to the disciplined and valued clients.
Note : Some of the situations explained in the article may not be found in all the cases.
           Other suggestions/comments are welcome.

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CA Ravi Sisodia (CA,CS,CMA)     10 February 2011

CA Ravi Sisodia
 3237 likes  32216 points

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Ankur Garg
Company Secretary and Compliance Officer
[ Scorecard : 57015]

Thank User

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How to start your exam preparation



Well friends, “How to start Exam preparation is indeed a very vital question” which float over or threatens every student after getting enrolled for a professional course. As per my personal observation most of our precious time wasted to figure out how to start our Exam preparation. Believe me exam time is not the most stressful part of your professional journey, if you plan your study well in advance and study on a regular basis.


I have received lot of Personal messages (PMs), Profile scrap and E-mails from caclubindia users asking how to start Exam preparation in the most fruitful manner. So with the help of this write up an attempt has been made to share a few suggestions regarding how to start your Exam preparation. Sincerely hope that this write up would help you to deal with high degree of pressure to perform well in professional examination.







As per my understanding your very first step should be to decide whether to go for coaching or self study. Consider this question very vital for a good start of your preparation. You don’t have to wait until exam time approaches. Make up your mind from the very beginning otherwise this question may be converted into a big dilemma later on. Regarding advantage and disadvantage of self study or coaching, I would suggest you to go through my article Self study Vs. Coaching classes-A Whole new dimension with analysis available at the link mentioned below:








Buy a latest Scanner from the market and analyse it properly. According to me full understanding of Scanner regarding how to use it, is very essential as it gives you a bird’s eye view of every subject of your professional course. These days solved scanners also available in the market. Based on my previous experience I’d suggest you to buy Shuchita Publication Scanner. For more details click the link below:









As I have already stressed in my previous articles that selection of appropriate reference books is really important.  One of the essential and indispensible suggestions to start your exam preparation is to collect good reference books well in advance. Here we cannot deny the importance of study material provided by the respective institute. For correct course content and notes preparation one must also refer study material along with reference books.


Along with selection of reference books in advance it is also advisable to collect exam oriented notes from the very beginning and stick to them. Kindly check the link below to download some useful exam oriented notes:






It is really essential to develop a study schedule before starting exam preparation to help you study effectively without any stress. The same is also very essential to avoid the situation as depicted in the picture above. Prepare a list of Exam oriented important chapters with the help of scanner and design your study schedule accordingly. The earlier you perform this exercise, the more time you will have to design your study schedule and prepare for the examination. Remember a few things while preparing your study schedule. Figure out the length of course content you need to prepare along with the time required to cover the same.






Time management is that wonderful skill which we have to learn and develop sooner or later during our professional journey. Time management is a technique with different dimensions and it can be defined through various means. Being a student after getting enrolled for a professional exam you’ll get ample time to your credit. Proper and prolific utilization of this time is really essential to clear your exam in first attempt. So in this way and to prepare an effective study schedule time management is very important. You have to grant most favorable time allocation to each and every subject. Also make appropriate provision for revision of course. So focus on time management and keep asking you – Is this the best use of my time. This is to share with you all that am still using this Q and A technique.







As we all know there are always some methods or tricks to perform well during exam times. Keeping in view your ultimate goal there is no harm if you acquainted yourself with these tips or tricks well in advance and tried them during your initial stage of study as later on sudden adoption of these methods may reduce their effectiveness and create unnecessary perplexity. One of these tricks is to prepare a list of frequently asked questions from scanner and design your ATLAS accordingly. To view the details of “My ATLAS Method” click at the link given below and download my file titled “real time tips to deal with theory paper”. Sincerely hope that this method can bring a huge difference to your professional success. 








One important question you need to answer is – what is the current exam pattern? In other words understanding of prevailing examination pattern in a proper manner is also very important for a good start to your exam preparation. If you have good understanding of Examination pattern then you can easily plan for exam paper according to your strength. For example in Audit or Law papers attempt flat questions first like short note etc. instead of practical problems as practical problems are a bit time consuming.







Another question which comes into mind regarding how to start exam preparation is how much time is needed in the beginning to study. As per my personal opinion in the beginning it is not necessary at all to invest 10-12 hours a day for your study. A 5-8 hour productive study would be enough. Remember, it is the quality and not the quantity of study that is required. However it would be better for you to decide your study sessions as per your own aptitude/capability.






Self analysis is also necessary to figure out that everything is going as per your plan. A well defined study plan is not a guarantee of success unless executed in toto. So you may test your preparation by attempting some previous exam paper under ultimate exam condition or environment. Later on check the result of your effort and make necessary correction/modification to your study plan. These kind of regular tests also helps you to understand your strengths and weaknesses. If you are weak in any area, you can remove that weakness easily by detailed study.






After each and every exam (presuming that your exam is due after 1-2 attempts) discuss the exam papers with your friends and prepare minute of your conversation with your friend and also note down your friend’s opinion/suggestion. This discussion will be very helpful to decide the correct exam preparation approach and keeps you updated with latest trends and exam pattern. I personally used this method throughout my professional study very successfully.



Disclaimer:  The content and every thought used in this article is based on my personal observation and understanding. This Article is completely my work and not copied from anywhere.


Hope this Article would be off some help during your professional journey. Awaiting your kind responses on the above mentioned points. Please share your views along with your valuable comments/suggestions/guidance.


Wish you all the Best


Best Regards

Ankur Garg




CA Ravi Sisodia (CA,CS,CMA)     10 February 2011

CA Ravi Sisodia
 3237 likes  32216 points

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Ankur Garg
Company Secretary and Compliance Officer
[ Scorecard : 57015] 



Tips to improve marks in Audit and Law


Marks in Audit and Law subjects are very low in November 2009 PCC and P.E.-II result. As per my understanding the reason behind this is not low marking. The main reason behind this is lack of concentration in theory paper along with poor presentation and writing skills. 

Kindly appreciate Exam pattern is now practical Question based and not flat Question based so presentation and writing skills becomes very important.

For improved presentation and writing skills I would suggest you to refer answer presented in ICAI suggested answers. Careful observation of ICAI suggested answers is very important. Along with good study focus and observation is also very important to succeed in professional examinations.

One more useful suggestion is:


It is advisable for the CA students to have a glimpse of the guideline answers given by ICSI and compare them with ICAI's. As we all know that ICSI answers are one step ahead from those of ICAI.  So a comparative "go-through" of these will help in presenting the better answers... this is not time consuming either...One more important thing if you are conceptually very clear and strong but not able to present it then there is some problem indeed, which is required to be sorted out immediately.


Good conceptual knowledge with good writing and presentation skill is the key to success.


All the Best


CA Ravi Sisodia (CA,CS,CMA)     10 February 2011

CA Ravi Sisodia
 3237 likes  32216 points

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Self study Vs. Coaching classes


Self study is a very good option. It may give you a great confidence.

But there are certain pre-conditions for self study:

1. Proper guidance is very much important.

2. Choose correct reference books.

3. Have regular discussions with your friends.

4. Self study may be a failure if you prepare without interaction with anybody else.

5. There are certain topics in CA Final for which special preparation is required and self study may be harmful from the conceptual clarity point of view. So discuss these topics with your friends or with any experienced student.

6. Let me tell you a very important thing coaching also involves self study where as self study does not involve coaching. Reason being in coaching classes also concepts are discussed once or twice. But you have to understand those concepts by self study only.   

Wish you all the Best


CA Ravi Sisodia (CA,CS,CMA)     10 February 2011

CA Ravi Sisodia
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Ankur Garg
Company Secretary and Compliance Officer
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How to start your exam preparation


1. As per my understanding your very first step should be to decide whether to go for coaching or self study. Consider this question very vital for a good start of your preparation. You don’t have to wait until exam time approaches.


2. Buy a latest Scanner from the market and analyse it properly. According to me full understanding of Scanner regarding how to use it, is very essential as it gives you a bird’s eye view of every subject of your professional course.


3. Prepare a list of Exam oriented important chapters with the help of scanner and design your study schedule accordingly. The earlier you perform this exercise, the more time you will have to design your study schedule and prepare for the examination.


4. Prepare a list of frequently asked questions from scanner and design your ATLAS accordingly. Please find below “My ATLAS Method”at the end of this article as a ready reference for new members.


5. Understanding of Examination pattern in a proper manner is also very important. If you have good understanding of Examination pattern then you can easily plan for exam paper according to your strength. For example in Audit or Law papers I used to write flat questions first like short note etc. instead of practical problems as practical problems are a bit time consuming.


6. Decide your study time. In the beginning it is not necessary to invest 10-12 hours for your study. A 5-8 hour productive study would be enough. Remember, it is the quality and not the quantity of study that is required.


7. In the beginning of your study time management is very crucial. So focus on time management and keep asking yourself Is this the best use of my time. This is to share with you all that am still using this Q and A technique.



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CA Ravi Sisodia (CA,CS,CMA)     10 February 2011

CA Ravi Sisodia
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Ankur Garg
Company Secretary and Compliance Officer
[ Scorecard : 57015]

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Both Group or Single Group




It depends on your preparation and availability of time along with your capability to handle both group at a time.


As per my understanding one should go for single group. My suggestion is not baseless and supported by the following points:


1. By giving one group one can fully concentrate on preparation.


2. By giving one group one can fully utilize his/her time and gain full knowledge of course.


3. According to me group clearance is not the only parameter of success.


4. By giving one group this time one can arrange some time for himself/herself which is very important. Self assessment is also important.


5. Appearance in both group is not a guarantee of success.


These points are based on my personal thinking and helped me a lot in my professional exam preparation and prevent me from failure along with good application of my knowledge.


I personally feel that a reasonable distinction is required to be drawn between quick success and long term professional success with good knowledge. 


All the Best and Regards



CA Ravi Sisodia (CA,CS,CMA)     10 February 2011

CA Ravi Sisodia
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Dear Students and members,


CA exams both Final and IPCC results was declared . Congratulation for those who have cleared their exams and best of luck for those who failed in the exam. I am giving some rescue plan for those who have failed in their exam.


Most contradictory part is that if we give advise to the students, they will simply ignore it, otherwise they have a reason that no one is there for their guidance.


Those who have failed must require some corrections on their part.  Our mind has counter defence mechanism, provided if you have Confidence.


For clearing your exam in May, first you think about how to utilize your time more effectively. CA is simply an achievable task. But why you cant achieve it?? Only one answer towards is that your improper plan and improper execution of the plan. I am not blaming you.


But if you want to become a successful Person in your life, you have to suffer a lot of pain. No pain No gain basis.  Even if you are under performed in any of your CA exam, you have a chance provided if you execute as mentioned below.


Bring all the possible effort to accomplish the goal. Do it Do or Die basis


Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently (Henry ford quote)


How you will start wisely your preparation towards exam?  First never compromise over the conceptual parts while you learn. Be perfect, so that you can achieve excellence.


Having failed in spite of your best effort, simply say miserable, but it is life, some time you have to suffer such negative state of mind for your better future. So start right now.


Think that you have to  do your level best , sacrifice your mind and body towards studies only. You see the coming exam and result will be  yours. It is the confidence and your great effort that even ICAI cannot deny your success. But you have to do following corrections in your part.


1.Analyze where you had committed wrong??


Some key indicators

Costing, SFM failed: - You have to improve more on conceptual part, have to do more problems so that you will be master in problem solving part. Never look for any solutions. Find most time for solving problems without impairing the importance of other papers also.

Accounts failed :- You have to improve the fundamental entry part first, second must have a good conceptual clarity, third you require more practice with respect to improve your problem solving speeds. Further, you must require a good knowledge of Accounting standards, GAAP, IFRS, etc

Audit failed: - you have to refer best reference book first (Padhuka), second never make compromise over SA, AS, CARO report.  Third, you have to do more revisions, analyze past practical questions of ICAI. Good presentation. You have to write all the relevant points in an adhesive manner. Try to write own words the conceptual part. Never compromise over making good notes, more revisions.

Law paper failed:_ You require best reference book ( Munish bandhari), good conceptual understanding of law points. Refer past practical questions, make good notes and more number of repetition and good presentation in exam. Connection with all the relevant part.

Tax paper Failed: - you require a good reference book (Many Books), Good conceptual understanding of taxation. Recent amendments applicable for your exam and past questions of ICAI exam and better presentation over exam

InfoTech, ICSA, failed :- Discard ICAI material first. (Dinesh madan). Good understanding of logic is required. Refer ICAI past questions. Good notes preparation and good number of revisions before exam.

2. Make a good time table to cover effectively your syllabus. Make a provision for revision part, Mock test. Try to find more time with studies and all the possible hard work for May exam.


3. Adopt Reading, Understanding, memories and document technique for all the theory questions along with frequent revisions.


3. Adopt a good presentation mechanism for exam. Point to point presentation  is better. Give a title which indicate what is the inside the matter. Try to write your own way. Try to add values ( extra relevant point which is not in the book).


4. Keep away negative thoughts , surfing the net. If you failed please remember that you are under utilizing the power of your brain. Utilize to the level best.


5.Try to find a small group for combined studies, such method is very good as far as revising the problem parts.


6. Systematically do your daily study routine, never compromise over your daily study routine.


All the best



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CA Ravi Sisodia (CA,CS,CMA)     10 February 2011

CA Ravi Sisodia
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Most of the students now also think that the CA course is difficult to crack. It is not true. The institute cannot deny your legitimate students. There is no particular passing percentage as far as a CA course is concerned. There is many mistakes committing the students without knowing the facts that they are committing the mistake.



The ICAI had out some standards and quality over the course and it is really warranted.   Once the bench mark is removed then CA Profession will lose its prominence and just become a Lawyers course or MBA course.  If we had taken some precautions for the situation we can avoid the failure.



Surprise and twisting question



Aim behind the surprise and lengthy questions



The main purpose of such questions is to test the problem solving and analytical ability of the students.



Scope and  coverage for CA  Final exam


The CA exam question is not limited inside the ICAI material or prescribed reference book of the authors. If the surprise element is comes students losing their confidence and which  is lead ultimately to the poor performance  and ultimately the failure. Even if you had  covered the scanner or suggested answer , you may be need to face challenging question in the exam



Traditional method of study



Those who writing the both group is unfortunately the prey for such disaster as they may be covered the material and suggested answer and even scanner.



If the similar type of questions appears in the exam they can crack but what happened if the surprise questions set. It is the slippery point set by the institute and many students will fall in to that pit. This is the main reason I think the both group student were failing aggregate mark for CA final. If you see the result trend of previous final exam, you can see that passing % is only 7.08%only.



No one is imagining about the surprise pattern of the question, so, it will affect to them only at the time of exam. In short student were fail to face the surprise set by the examiner in the exam. You just think that if the question set in the exam is surprise, obviously, it will be surprise to the others also and the over all performance of the students will be not up to the mark. Generally ICAI will not be tight in the valuation aspect. if you had written all the good point s to the questions you may be rewarded else, you will be out of the track.



What is the solution for the above problem?



First set in your mind that some surprise question will be set in the exam. Prepare mentally for cracking the surprise question. If you are sound in concept or you have good conceptual clarity, you can manage the surprise questions.



Concept Play a good role in the CA final Exam



Please understand the concept underlying the problems. The institute will not ask any irrelevant questions. All the questions are  based on the concept. This correction you need to be made during  the time of study. The surprise questions are the same concept with better question which may be outside the ICAI module , suggested answer or scanners. The clarity in the concept will help you for dealing such type of questions.



Effective method of studies



Step no 1


Understand the concept underlying the problems


Step no 2


 Read the problems and try to solve it  using the concept and without using the solutions.. If the solutions with you , need not work your brain. The same is the situation of those who under gone for coaching classes . Doing  the problems with full solutions . This will enhance your thinking process and the same practice will surely help you for finding the solution for surprise gift given to you by the institute.



Note: - The above practice will consume your time..But if you not  doing the above manner ,  you cannot handle the surprise questions in the exam  . In the exam hall  the students will be pressured .


Step no 3


Refer the scanners and suggested questions for Past years, this will give you variety type of questions….Please try to make a trend by referring the past questions as past is the base point for future.


Step no 4


Making a good notes of concept


Step no 5


Good time management skills


Surprise and lengthy questions requires good time management tact. First steps towards this are to allocate the time according to the mark allocated. Secondly start writing the answers after reading the questions in one round.


Write the question that you feel more confidents and comfortable, but if you had reached the allocated time for the particular question better leave the question in that point of time as betterment of which will affect the performance of other answer.




Sum up


  • Step no 1 mental preparation for handling surprise questions.
  • Step no 2 good exercise with great emphasis on concept aspect
  • Step no 3 Solve the problems with out depending on the solutions
  • Step no 5 Good revision with Scanners and ICAI materials
  • Step no 5 A good Time management skills during the exam


Preparation before exam


Preparation before the exam has direct cause and effect relation ship. You need to work hard at the mean time act smart also. In sum, the hard work and smart work need to be balanced  then you can surely get success in the exam.


Hard work and Smart work


You need to select the relevant area first from scanners and past question papers first.


Understand the more relevant and less relevant portions and finalize it and prioritize the chapter according to the importance.


Here , even if you cover 100% of the syllabi will not fetch any result. It may get the rank in other place also.


Then Start hard work on the relevant area with the proper time


Step no 1

Start the study with either ICAI materials or reference book as the case may be( Most of the students will do the same usually)

Step no 2


After covering a particular area you need to go the exam question pattern, may it be case laws and you need to apply the concept there. Cover such type of question along with regular study.



Approaches for practical and Case law type of questions


In case  of case law answer you need to split it in to Two parts .


Part one is  Fact of the cases


Part two  is  the relevant concept and finally give your good conclusion in this way the case law and application oriented theory questions can be handled.





Amendment and update before exam


You must be cautious about the amendment  and update happened at least 6 month before the exam and also go through the other amendment. It is a normal trend of ICAI to set the question papers based on the amendment. Be  vigilant about the update around you.


Make a habit of reading student  news letter and journal of ICAI at least  for taxation and Law matters.



Study cycle



Study accordingly the group you want to write.


The first round of study is the foundation or base. If the base is weaker then your structure will not be strong.  Better you are making a time table based study. Fix a target for coverage .In this stage you may feel difficult in a particular subject better go  for coaching exam  MAFA, Cost management. Those who had written the exam may be covered the  studies


Those who had failed in the exam were advised to understand their reason for failure and make a changes in your action  plan for coming exam. Fix a time table,  devote  more time for studies .utilize the remaining 3 and half month  for studies and studies only



Failure and fear to failure


Those who had failed and those who going to write the CA exam have the phenomena of failure. Those who  had failed may be thinking that  they cannot crack the course even if their good effort.


Analyses by your self that if you are thinking in  the above way. If so change the mind set immediately . If you act smartly then you cannot fail for the exam .I had given the example as above .


Fear and fear to failure will lead to destroy your confidence. If you lost the confidence with you then it will affect your productivity aspect. Don’t be sad about the failure  and don’t fear about the failure.


Now most  of CA student  those who had failed the exam is  dishearted due to the Final result .


If you want to success, forget the failure first, some skills is sleeping inside your brain, now the time to stimulate the skills. You may be need to work too hard perhaps



Both group V/s Single group


In shipping business, some time  due to bad climatical condition or other reasons the ship may face a dangerous situation due to over loaded weight of Cargo, what the captain will do that throwing  away some of the goods in to the sea so that the ship can be sailed safely.


Likewise, during this  three month of exam if you feel  the over loaded phenomena due to writing both group, better to sacrifice those group which you feel less confident and comfortable and given your soul and body to be focused on a particular group. This may perhaps will help you for the coming May exam.



Wish you All the best


Vivek M

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