Decisions to be Taken By A CA Student

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30 January 2011  



"Maine ek baar commitment kar di to uske baad main khud ki bhi nai sunta"..Although i hate Salman khan to the core still to explain you people what i mean i had to use it......ok so...CA students too need to make some commitments(no no relationship wali nahi budhu..)..Commitment to yourself...Your career ... Your future....!!!!


Kuch faisle zindagi badal dete hain....


All lovely kids of ICAI have some key decisions to make during their student life whether now or tomorrow.The earlier you make these decisions the better for your academic career.....


1.Self study or Coaching - aahhh...long old discussion.lets see..

DECISION to be made is --- Which are the subjects for which you need coaching??(i feel we are mature enough to read at least 1-2 subjects by ourselves i guess) This can vary from student to student. Some find theory papers easy enough to read themselves while some wanna have deep expert knowledge in these subjects too..Analyse your abilities and take the decision accordingly...


What needs to be done??

Try and start the subject yourself..ek baar book khol ke to dekho andar kya maal bhara hua hai??Then judge where you stand..


It really sounds stupid when students join classes that actually they should not just coz their friends are joining it..Dosti ke naam!!! ek kaam kijiye ..apni CA ki degree bhi dost ke naam kurbaan kar dijiye....If you want then go for some demo classes and take the decision withing 10-15 days ... coaching chahiye ya khud hi ho jayega??


And there is no shame in taking help from a teacher...they are there to help you only..Dont think of it as spoon feeding..Take it as sitting under a shower of knowledge pouring over you from your teacher's head...

Thank God 1 decision is taken...Next thing to ponder over is- 

2. Subjects- 

Main har subject me 100 me 100 padh ke jaunga aur 101 number laakar dikhaunga..!!!

Wah bhai wah!!! Einstine aur Newton ke bhi baap ho tum to yar....!!

please dont think like this.. You cant try to be master to each and every subject in a professional exam...You are overburdened with so many uncountable things..ICAI jab dekho tab new bomb blasts karti rehti hai!!...Now trying to eat up each and every page of each subject can prove detrimental to your cause my dear..kahin lene ke dene na pad jaye...coz time to limited hai..!!!

koi 4-5 saal baad to exam nai dene ka socha hai na aapne???? if the answer is in affirmative then my article is over for you(bye bye)..but if your answer is no then please listen to me very carefully...

Every student is unique in his/her abilities.Some students dont find IT and SM worth reading...Others might find costing too tough to handle...For some Tax is a tough cookie to crack...Start reading the books...After 1 month decide in your mind...

1.Which is my favourite paper??:D

2.Which papers are easy enough for me to try and get exemption??

3.Which papers do i find hard and i just need to cross 40??:(

When you decide this in your mind then plan accordingly....Do not try to gain mastery over everything coz you are not!!!...Plan your studies accordingly...Devote your time to those subjtcts accordingly... 


Once a decision is taken..Its full and final...idhar udhar bhatkoge to bhatakte hi rahoge..Wanted ka Salman Khan banna hai ya nahi?.Aaj yahan kal wahan..!!To CA hai kahan?????At last i would conclude with a wonderful poem by Late shri Hariwansh Rai Bachchan..

madiralay jaane ko ghar se

chalta hai peene vala

kis path se jaaon 

  asmanjas mein hai vo bhola-bhala

alag-alag path batalate sab

    par main yah batalata hoon

raah pakad tu ek chala chala

paa jayega madhushala

  paa jayega madhushala..!!


Good luck!!


Sneha :)