LAVANYA SM (Chartered Accountant) (113 Points)

21 July 2009  

Dear Sir,


I am Lavanya SM, a student from Bangalore wanting to pursue CS.I am a CA student have cleared the Foundation Course CPT and also written Professional Competence Examination in June 2009 and also pursuing BCOM in IGNOU.Since I am a CA student I took up the BCOM for CA students where I had to write 6 papers to complete BCOM and also pass PCC examination conducted by ICAI and also should complete the Practical training of 3.5 year.I wrote all the 6 papers in December 2008 and also cleared with 60% marks but I will get my certificate only when I clear PCC and finish my practical training of 3.5 years.Since I have passed the BCOM papers will  I get exemption from writing CS foundation?

Sir please reply at the earliest…