CS allowed to advertise

Miss Komal Mantri (Chartered Accountant ) (1974 Points)

18 December 2007  

Company secretaries are set to become the first class of
professionals to be allowed to advertise their services in India.
The regulatory body that governs the profession is going to allow
company secretaries to advertise in print, electronic and Internet
media from January 1, 2008. Other professionals like doctors,
engineers, chartered accountants and lawyers do not yet have this
The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) has come out
with the draft do's and don'ts for these professionals while
advertising their services. "We hope to finalise the draft
guidelines at a council meeting later this month," ICSI president
Priti Malhotra told ET.

The practising company secretary or the firm will have to give a
declaration stating that all facts about the services are accurate.
There should also be a disclaimer that ICSI has no responsibility
over the contents of the advertisement by the individual
professional or firm.

Advertisement by professional has, so far, not been allowed as it
would mean boasting about one's work rather than letting the work
speak for itself, said a senior chartered accountant.

The proposed advertisement format for the professionals and firms
could include details about willingness and unwillingness to accept
work in certain areas, fees, names of clients and services rendered,
speed of service and honours received, in addition to other primary
details about the individual or the firm. There are separate
requirements for advertisement through the website.