Course on Forex & Commodity

Amit J Shah (Risk Management) (80 Points)

18 August 2010  

Certificate Program in FOREX & COMMODITY

Through Combination of Technical and Fundamental analysis, learn how to trade in Forex and Commodity market. When and what to buy or sell, when to book profit and where to keep stop loss. In technical analysis, learn Japanese Candle Stick, Different Price  attern,Oscillators, Fibonacci Retracement, Elliott Wave Theory, Ichimoku Charting etc. In Fundamental analysis, learn about global Markets i.e. US, Europe, U.K. etc., relationship beetween different markets, Importance of Dollar, Euro, Crude, Oil, Gold etc., economic indicators like GDP, interest Rates etc. and its impact on Currencies and commodities. Lecture Commences from 21.08.2010, Conducted During weekends at Vantage Institute of Financial Markets, Lower Parel. Limited Seats, highly concessional fee. 

Contact : Dhaval Dedhia - 9920993040 .